Black Poetry : My words speak, heard on streets and like a bird’s beak peck cats

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    My words speak, heard on streets and like a bird’s beak peck cats
    on the head //
    With phat threads right here on the internet so don’t be misled //
    This is very sick and gonna take a heavy stick to beat it down //
    Got both feet on the ground hear a girl’s voice is a sweet sound //
    get butter absurd when I utter words of love just clutter a girl’s sky //
    like birds so these fly verbs have wings like REDBULL then I try //
    make my opportunity great local when I communicate vocal wow //
    my slick quotes are like sick folks just too ill to speak then somehow //
    grab and kill the street it’s a thrill to meet domination so come chow //
    down on this behavior that twist the behavior or rap and HIPHOP a lot //
    this stuff shatters various matter and get phat greetings at meeting hot //
    to sip with my lips, Got a backpack with the exact facts written on //
    paper eat a bundle Of chips with dip, skip the dressing love the song //
    now see a girl there be worlds of beauty plus she hurls booty be home //
    with just panties on, I’ve peeped enough on how she keep stuff in order //
    these verbs and phrase are words of praise and what I heard will amaze //
    a girl, like a whaler at seas this could be a nailer of a spree of fish raised
    for bait I bet this girl got bizarre cakes and pies takes your eyes for days //
    into dream land her cream in demand it seems her plan is like mayonnaise //
    stuff goes good on her sandwich so boys are just toys on her doormat //
    restricted pies are like convicted spies they have a lock and key and that //
    shock me to know that ready to go at landing a date her body so phat //
    planning to escape this party habitat holding hands, she’s wet and able //
    ready to set a table for lace and a kiss then place her dish and bagel //
    on the tablecloth so stable and soft lick the desserts so quick to flirt //
    and she’s a sick twerk at the club shake butt and that’s great luck //
    I’ll take a cup of love hooked up with a corrupt hug wanna be stuck //
    In her grasp tonguing and cumming with the love talk, know how //
    We do, she a spicy brown on icy ground and I may slip and fall oh wow //
    This is twisty and risky but no whisky being drunk off this funk could //
    Cause stuff to happen lots of huff and puff trapping her with some good //
    Kissing, have loco sex take showers photo next to the flowers this girl should //
    Let me kiss her lips don’t want to miss the trips down town but no can do //
    Right now, girl a queen wearing lotion ready to set her machine in true //
    Motion already cream in her potion, aroused and amazed ready to set her //
    House ablaze with heat and flame a sweet dame with street name to stir //
    The pot luck got a hot butt with a plot to strut butt up in clubs she best //
    look out I’m shook no doubt grab cake, shake and break headboards suggest //
    she be cool I see her in school a love letter can arrive jest love her breasts //
    she model every inch could write a novel in French on her mouth //
    lips so red and can flip a bed with her charms she prefer the arms of true //
    gents, she’s a sea of love that could be on rug at home her strut is so new //
    to him her perfume a boss smell the scent come across well so he think boo //
    I’m equipped to give a quick holler he wants lipstick on his collar whoopee doo //
    lace fine like a case of wine can’t erase his mind busy thinking dizzy sinking //
    into love but have the menu of love this is not an ignored matter stuff linking //
    like stored data her body boss with care like software a computer thinking //
    end up in HOOTER’S drinking ice tea it’s nice when she jest be like winking//
    her eyes a smooth dame wanna remove stains from her game but he want him //
    some sex and his love talk becomes vex and complex while in his LEX dim //
    the lights has her out on a limb tonight cake fine can’t make up her mind //
    she wants good luck she can get stood up by a hood buck must find //
    away around that the girl is bless, so he wanted to rap EBONICS get a hug //
    a female with a load of facts going down a railrod track want some chronic love //

    HE SAID:
    Got my ear to your door because I wanna hear more sincere pour a glass//
    Of wine you have class and fine and your body grasp my mind my task //
    Is to get a date and go for the wet cake let me bake it boo, ready for a nice //
    Slice of that feel me ? girl I’m from a hardcore city been before a committee //
    Trying to beat a case after a unique chase for some lace had to be very witty //
    To escape and oh yes the girl’s cake was good, boo you have lace and proud //
    And I’m ready to chase clouds to get to your exciting lightening make loud //
    Love across your skies girl you got boss pies and soft thighs in a crowd //
    Of folks, able to munch after I lay a table for lunch eat your bagel and drink //
    Punch like BEYONCE AND NICKI have you feeling yourself can’t think //
    A writer and a fighter with a good ear in the hood sincere and should fear //
    Falling in love and crawling in the club begging for me some that can appear //
    Tricky and like NICKI MANAQ giggle fast and jiggle cash so throw some mo //
    And girl you can dance on a pole because your romance is bold chance to go //
    Hold your waist, and like USHER there can be some BEYONCE in here //
    got madd luck boo and that add up to us going out on a date very sincere //
    and may end up home with cake, it’s strange how a menu with butter appear //
    to change from one form to another, a lover with soft words must utter it clear //
    Must evaluate romance and calculate my chance a foul date can enhance my //
    Dream, so I pretend to be cool while my emotions begin to rule dance and try //
    Do the skate and find my true fate, girl your facts and flirting today because //
    You act a certain way and it’s hurting my play as burdens lay I should pause //
    Your lips red luck give me the heads up on when you wanna end this in bed //
    At the extreme edge for cream I beg like SANTA you have a dream sledge red //
    And bring toys to boys along with panties and candies that mess with their head //
    Dressed for bed your breasts incred while I comb hair and try impress with dreads //
    And a dewrag while my crew lag behind as they brag about they rhymes //
    Witty with wisdom and duck criticism quick to win developed a thick skin //
    So no tricks then I kick in doors with this HIPHOP so I come sick girlfriend //
    Have to wait and see if I can get cake for free so boo date me can’t escape //
    Or flee from this horniness may rap corny but bless, boo want your milk shake //
    Body built great, search to understand you not much I can do just kiss, touch and //
    Plan to git wit you so let me hit it boo, forever boss so clever and soft kiss your hand //
    Phat and amazed at this stage it’s all proper so don’t call the doctor I’m awight //
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