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Aug 27, 2010
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The CREFLO dollar. The Mars mission is for exploration and science. However, that inspirational speaker is a man who is worried about teaching the gospel on another planet? No worries about that. God sends his missionaries from within the people of wherever universe, if that's the case. We don't need to supply them.

But he's spreading the word dear sista.... didn't you hear the cheer that went up when he said that? But don't you see the obvious problems with this?

Regarding the English atheist talking about what God says about false prophets. Doesn't he know he is one? We know there are false prophets that always have been. The scriptures are not talking about the true prophets of God, but those who are perverting the way and truth of the Lord. God does not accept these, as they are not called by and in Holy Spirit.

Why do you all say this when a pastor shows his colors? Do you know this can be said about a hold lot of them?

The black church is becoming a circus, and you all know it. Now you have pastor doing reality shows. Those shows are all scripted, not isn't that a form of lying?



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Apr 7, 2013
Enki, It's raining, I love it. Just a little story:

There's this real-estate lady that I recommended a friend to. Well the friend and her had a falling out, and my friend broke her contract with the agent, and it was rather a heated event. So the lady called, she bring irate. I tried to be neutral but the lady is all upset with me by association. Well I thought I had smoothed everything over nicely and the agent was all calmed down, sort of. A while has gone by, and I got a call from my daughter to come pick her up at 12:30 AM. I was sleeping and I needed to call her back, so I hit the send in the sleepy dark. The phone rang and rang and rang and then a voice came on. It was the AGENT! :SuN024: So now I'm a crank caller! I can't believe that happened. No smoothing now …….:lol:
There are all kinds of pastors, most are sincere for God and a few scatter the sheep. It's like Atheists, some are fun and only want to give christians some error for their ways. But then, there are the bitter Atheists :SuN047: who walk with the children of the night…..awooooooo!

I would like to mention that all atheists need to hunker down and really study that Bible all the way through a couple of times, so they have a better chance of running down the field without a foul. hee hee :angel1::number1:
You are so fun!
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Apr 6, 2006
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What confuses me is that how can anything that is written in the bible make any sense in this age and time?
All my doubts though are how can one be loving in one verse and violent the next?
I wish I could quote scriptures to prove my points off the top of my head,but I can't.
The core of all my confusion and doubts stem from the reality of the conditions we live in; how can one call themselves a christian, but hate so much?
I try to understand things,but nothing stands out it likes I want more from religion than a cult like following or fear mongering you sin you go to hell, you do something that make life bearable or beneficial you going to hell while at the same time the very one saying it is benefitting even doing worser things has no problems it smooth sailing.:thinking:

I think you've simply been hanging around the wrong Christians, particularly those without understanding. You're talking about a book that even wealthy atheists credit for praise about their character, how they built wealth, obtained their sense of charity, business character, leadership characteristics, etc. Many of us have lost a lot of the knowledge that used to be passed down from it that helped us build cities in America, post-slavery, until the point that white people got together in mobs and took away everything we built. What we don't often talk about is that the Bible was part of the inspiration for doing so.

To get the jist of it, you have to look at the Bible as a love letter that has one simple point. Here's what I believe God says through it in a nutshell.

"Hi. I'm YHWH. I'm the being who created you. I originally wanted you to live in paradise and maintain it for me, so that I could visit with you often. But your ancestors, Adam and Eve, misused the authority I gave them. That misuse of power has brought forth something in your existence that I hate: sin. And while I love the heck out of you, I can't stand sin. Unfortunately, since sin's release into the earth, it has become so dominant that it has seeped into man's character, even those of you who have developed the discipline to be righteous. It became so bad that I wiped man out, hoping that the sin would be purged. but it wasn't. In fact, after the flood, man forgot all about me and created a wprld of violence, barbarianism, and various other sinful activity. I was about to abandon it when Abraham came along, and came to the realization that there there had to be a real God at the age of 12. So when he became grown, I made myself known to him. I walked with him, instructed him, and tested him, and because he believed in me, I decided to extend my love to you as a creation again, starting with the region Abraham dwelled in. Over time and generations, I gave mankind timeless wisdom, laws, and access to things mankind would need, hoping it would cause mankind to return to me. One nation did, so I worked with them. The work, however, was always back and forth. One minute, man was with me, the next minute not. I had given mankind all the instruction they would ever need, but mankind would abandon me time and time again. Eventually, the majority of that nation abandoned me, so I divorced it, clinging to the few who were steadfastly believing that I was doing everything for their good.

After a while, I noticed remnants of believers. And remembering my promise to Abraham, I decided to try again. This time, I'd personally come down and teach mankind the heart of all the instructions and the laws I gave, so that man could truly walk better with me, and I left an open invitation to mankind, even in the midst of all the hatred of the majority of the nation I originally worked with, which placed me on two tree barks in the form of a cross. I did it as an act of love, to open the invitation to you to learn the righteous disciplines I originally intended for you. I gave you a shot to become redeemed, in spite of the fact that the sinful ways I hate have been passed down to you genetically and spiritually. And while my journal of my journey with mankind may be confusing, know that this is how our relationship is currently:

I LOVE YOU, but I cannot stand your sinful ways. If you will strive to leave your sinful ways, I will be here for you to help you, to guide you, and to help you grown less sinful, so that all there is left to do in our relationship is be loving to one another, just like I ask you to be to your neighbor.

In exchange, I leave my journal with you, that you may know how to live, how to love, how to execute justice, and how to grow spiritually. Come to me with your faith, and your hunger and thirst for learning. Trust that I am not working against you, and your jounrney with me will be the most enlightening you have ever had. Again, every instruction you need for all of life is within my journal. If you wish, I will direct you to one who knows me better to help you."

In my journey with him, I find that God keeps his word. I'm currently enjoying being under a teaching ministry, which I suggest you pray to find, so that you can get questions answered. God (YHWH) doesn't have anything to hide. Open yourself to Him, and he will rock your world.

I will be back later to try to answer any other questions.


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Apr 6, 2006
Myrtle Beach, SC
Hi everyone,

The title is misleading so, don't get lost on this journey.
I believe in Christ,God, etc...even though I went through a phase of confusion and doubts.
I even was a little agnostic, probably still is but I need direction and help.
I have a lot of questions about Christianity and still see the flaws that cause me to question it.
I see things where as I can and should have been proactive instead of reactive, but I was turn away even discourage to act.

Now, it like a urgency to take my mind off my selfish complaining about what's going on around me.
I am still open minded to other religions and practices.

I've been where you are, and my journey has led me to Christianity as a decision, not based on what white Christians have done in its name throughout history or because of the show that nominal Christians put on during Sunday services. It's because I looked for answers, found a guide, studied, and saw what I studied come to pass, and recieved what I call "gems" that helped me throughout my life, and still work on my life and character.

If you have a question, ask. Making an informed decision is important.


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Apr 14, 2012
Thank You all for your advice and views.:thankyou::congrats::welldone:
The only other question I do have is researching and studying the bible.
Since I was mislead and thought the way I was taught or instructed to research might be off, how one should study and research religious text? Should I pursue it like a scientist or a historian/anthropologist?
All I want to do is seek out the truth and instructions without the confusion and misguidance that is spewed to me on Sunday's.
I want what I have learn and will learn be applicable and relatable
to our present and future.

I do not want to just "pray" and hope things will be alright, I want to know that it is and make it happen instead of sitting,and waiting on something or someone to do it as many do.:thinking::10500::look::what:

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