Black Poetry : My Version I Am Black

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    My Version I Am Black

    Become a blind *** with an assigned task of being your
    Slave more and more we need ABE nowadays can’t score
    Alone hard to ignore the zone of stupidity worshipping a whore
    Named freedom, white society write a variety of false book
    We read and become lost crooks struggling for the truth shook
    On pale face phonics must embrace Ebonics and move on, look
    White society are nitwits blind ready to commit a crime all the time
    Which involve raping and taking property from black folks like ascinine
    Two mules and forty acres, no groovy salutes because the movie roots
    Told it all,wrongness was done to me on purpose end up like prostitues
    In a circus hey they called my scripts whack while they whipped my back
    A bunch of lying in the hood and crying won’t do any good that’s a fact
    Dying holding the dagwood cross of Jesus, slavery crucified my bravery
    And true Pride, who the **** am I now? It’s a great test just to make
    a request on who stole the mules, tools and forty acres the results fake
    on higher levels I see freak dancers and now I seek answers to Black
    History which remain a whack mystery we came out on the short end
    And all sorts of honest men would agree, still playing catch up my friend
    We live in fire and ice and freedom require a price wish we could hire
    Christ to get us out of this one, comes to white society can only desire
    To correct this beast if not don’t expect any peace