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    These are some of my ideas that I have collected and put into one place, please take the time to read, tell me what are yours, agree, disagree and why... talking is the first step...organizing is second...doing...


    There is a certain air that comes with knowledge; a certain spring that comes with truth.

    Can anyone deny this massive media and social attack on what they want to make-believe is our culture?

    The most recent attack is a game about us and our culture called Ghettopoly. It was devised by a Mr. Chang. Oh God, I have heard all the hollering and "righteous" indignation about this game. I have heard all the calls for boycotting and in some cases all out violence. Black people please! I am not saying that this Mr. Chang is not a racist; I am not saying that he is either--the fact is I don't know; and the fact about him is he doesn't know a **** thing either! Other than that, I don't care. But I ask you to tell me honestly, would there have been such a bru-ha-ha if he were say, Black? From the things that I see, that our people do for money - I would say NOT! Take for example this; I watched this show that Snoop Doggy Dog has on MTV, and for the total 5 minutes that I was tuned in, I cringed. Where are the shouts of "Shut-em down!" Where are my brothers and sisters yelling, "By any means necessary?"

    I am not saying that we should be silent or not take action against people like Mr. Chang; I am saying we cannot be hypocritical about it. If you want to make a statement; never step your foot across the door of another Urban Outfitters; maybe we should stop patronizing Asian businesses...and don't let any politician or propped up craven so-called journalist, call for any kind of apology, nor accept one on your behalf; for it is only salve until the next attack. Show some real resistance. It is this very hypocrisy that White America is using against us right now... for starters, we must stop trying to understand, rationalize, racist and racism - how they think and feel are mental disease issues, it for them to solve, not us. We cannot be selective in our outrage. We cannot let Black Racists and Liars off the hook either! Should we not boycott people like Snoop Doggy Dog and others, in the Rap game who denigrate Black women and make a mockery of OUR culture?

    People of Color? Is it just me, or are we the only ones falling for this B.S.? Or is it even sadder, are we so **** starved for love that we latch onto anybody; except ourselves? It seems that when it comes to People of Color, we are the only ones who fight for them; then when it comes to US and OUR issues, they run to the other side; and denigrate us.

    Racist Cab Drivers... JUST DON'T DO IT. One thing that we can do is start our own cab companies per se. Hell, gypsy cabs are the norm anyway. Get together, get someone who owns a car, give out a number, give the person much respect and work it. Don't give anyone your money or your pride. Walk. Take turns with others for rides. What is your self-respect worth? What is your self-respect worth to our kids, our community?

    Black American Politicians. It is obvious to me that when given political power, they either don't know how or cannot wield it - except maybe for the uplift of their families and friends (that is a common thing with all politicians). I am not talking about sides here, because I find that on either side, they come across as weak, impotent, lap-jockeying lackeys - some worse than others. I am sick of them all.

    On the Democratic Side, I have found mostly intelligent, capable of thinking men and women, seemingly out of touch with reality. They sermonize and all problems in our communities are society's-at-large fault.

    On the other side, well most of these are not even politicians (they are not elected); I find intelligent, capable of thinking men and women, who have nothing to add-- except parroting racist rot, reacting to any and all things that the Black community find desirable with weak-wristed over-emotional sycophancy and every problem in the Black Community is the fault of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (i.e. all Black American folk except “Good Negroes“ like them) - yeah, everything from teen pregnancy, drug infestation, police brutality, and slavery. The only logical next step is to be blamed for the Crucifixion of Christ!

    Both sides play jiggaboo for t.v. and radio racist and others; in public they fight like whores - one side holding onto some perceived "dignity," and the other money-hungry-sell-your-mama-drawers welfare cases. Both without a clue. Both wanting acceptance over empowerment. Both sad.

    If White America wants to know me, then come to me; it behooves me to think that White America needs to hear from impotents who will say what they think Whites wants to hear.

    No matter where we go or what we do the NAACP, Urban League and other Civil Rights organizations will be needed and are relevant. I am not very happy with some of the stances that they take, or some of the things that they support, I just think that they need some focus, or rather refocusing.

    They are telling me that I want Reparations. No, I don't. I think that the call in and of itself is righteous, but there is nothing or any amount of money that can take away the pains that my Fore parent's were issued; no amount of money can make-up for what Jim Crow did and his offspring are still doing to me. Maybe I don't really understand this issue, maybe I am looking at it too simply.

    Affirmative Action, I like all Black Americans and everyone else, have benefited from it one way or the other, but Whites and White women in particular, have been it's biggest beneficiaries, so I deem it their issue not ours.
    The Confederate Flag never has, and never will bother me - I think that it is a testament more of our survival, than any victory that may have come from a losing battle tag.

    When an organization has tens of thousands of members, like the Black Biker's Club, it was a shame for them to go begging for accommodations and for the NAACP to help them in doing it! Build your own **** country club, set it up like you want to, and never ever, not one more day give people who hate you your money-not even if the NAACP says it is okay.

    The Black Church has been a failure. One has to ask, how can an entity that can boast that it generates about 60 Billion Dollars a year - still whine about not being able to parlay that into getting bank loans? I am not talking about the incipient racism that is at the core of what we let banks do to us - I am talking about The Church - building and funding their own financial institutions! How about becoming the viable institution for the whole community? How can we have Mega Churches in run-down and dying communities? Is it Godly to keep your doors closed while someone has to sleep on the streets? Is it Godly to keep your doors closed when people are going hungry? Is it Godly to not parlay what God has made possible for you, into ideas and actions that can help, perhaps even save our communities? I say that it is not; and the Black Church will never be what it once was until it decide to do the righteous and Godly thing; And taking Government Funds will just lead to a massive attack on the one institution that still has a voice, although waning...and next instead of just not being viable, it will began to teach US that slavery was a mirage, and for sho' wes all goin' to hell - Thusly, even OUR misplaced HOPE will disintegrate.

    When one sits down and ponders all the obstacles that continue to be in our way, and of all the obstacles that we have overcome, have gone through, have gone around-You have to be sick not to be proud.
    But, when one ponders how far we could be, if we heeded the teachings that our Fore parents left for us; if we followed the map, where they left their bloodied footprints for us to tread; if we paid homage to their literal and figurative bones... We could be somewhere up there in the stratosphere.

    An Idea:

    There are 34 million+ undercounted Black Americans in this country. I do believe that 10% of us are challenged in ways that are antithetical to our progress and for that matter should be eradicated from collective thoughts. So, if we have 30.6 million+ undercounted Black Americans who decide that they want to have all the things that our community needs and wants:

    Each person gives $5/month for a year that is: $150,000, 000/month and $1,800,000,ooo/year

    Out of that: $2 goes to Education: HBCU's, rebuilding and building community schools, scholarships …
    $1 goes to Business loans: low rate and no rate (if the business helps the community in some way, say, an after school program, tutoring services...)
    $1 goes to Investments/ Rainy Day Funds
    $1 goes to Hardship Funds (for people who temporarily need help to get back on their feet)
    (5% / month, to those who work the Fund--Businesspersons, Investors, Everyday Folk who wants us to survive)

    When I tell people about this and they think about it, at first, they say, wow, yes, we could do those kinds of things for ourselves, then and almost immediately, some conglomeration of the following is said... "But how?" "But Who?" "Black Folk won't, can't, don't-"

    I am not saying that what I have suggested is the answer, or even an answer; I am saying that we can do for ourselves - for once -- we can Repair ourselves, we can Affirm ourselves.
    Until, the can't, won't, don't mantra is eradicated from our minds, these are just numbers on a page.... this is us still hoping, not doing. [email protected]


    I came from a place on the edge of something. A girl baby born during the first trimester of 1969; out of my mother's womb and submerged into a proud air that made our chests' rest higher on our shoulders; like an emblem emblazoned on our souls... BLACK WAS BEAUTIFUL. You spoke to your neighbors, and the bitter taste of stinging lips left a lasting memory; you never began any talk with your elders without putting a handle on it. And the shame that sat in the very pits of your guts, if you raised your fists in anger at your sister... your brother.

    Reinforcements came over the radio lines, James Brown taking the lead, " Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud," Aretha Franklin bringing up the rear and demanding, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T," and Nikki Giovanni showing OUR life on pages, in rambling wit, summed it all up in one phrase, "BLACK LOVE IS BLACK WEALTH."

    As a girl child, I was given an oral history... absent from my history books. I listened intently, as my sister's words spun like magic, seeding mind pictures that played in my head. " You could almost taste it in the air... the doors came open...the signs came down...," and while holding up a book with Angela Davis' freedom scream on the cover; I watched as a small tear trickled down her mahogany skin and then quickly absorbed in her small finger, "Oooh Lord, and you don't know the nights we prayed."

    It is the ending of 2001, and that little girl is now 32. I am lost in a wilderness, looking for my people; but all I find are statistics that tell stories that cannot be true. I know that we are there, somewhere, perhaps hiding. All I find are... strangers who have let themselves and THEIR children become marginalized, maligned, and denigrated. I have to sit and scratch my head, trying to figure it out: Did you drop the ball? Did we neglect to pick it up?

    So, I say to you... OUR Leaders, OUR Preachers, OUR Teachers, OUR Doctors, OUR Lawyers, OUR Businesspersons, OUR Entertainers... YOU HAVE TO LEAD THE WAY... YOU MUST BE OUR HOPE.

    I know that the problems in OUR Black American Community are much more complex than I may possibly understand; and the solutions to our problems involve more than I can provide, but something has to be done, and I believe that it is up to us to do it.
    I believe that if we could come together as one... we will do it. So, I humbly come to you with this novice proposal, in a layman's terms. . .

    I. In Our Own House

    The saddest things about the myths and stereotypes that are used against us in this society, is that we perpetuate many of them ourselves. We, inventors, scientists, doctors, builders of this nation, creators of the lexicon. We are thought to be dumb; and we sit back and let OUR children waste away in schools, afraid of showing their light because of the stigmatism of being reviled by their own. We are thought to be niggardly, and we call OURSELVES *******. We are thought to be lascivious, and we call ourselves ******* and whores...

    We must stop disrespecting ourselves and each other. OUR men and boys must stop referring to themselves and others as *******. OUR women and girls must stop referring to themselves and others as ******* and Whores. Even if, by some miracle, we are successful in taking those terms and completely turning them over and making them into words that express OUR love for each other. We are opening the doors for others to use those terms to refer to us, and believe me, they will not be using them to express their love towards us.

    We must demand that OUR children respect not only themselves, but that they must respect each other. We must especially demand that they must respect their elders. We must demand that they use the terms, Mr., Mrs., Ms., Sir, and Ma'am, when referring to their elders. We must make them understand that they must respect the parents of others, as they want others to respect their parents.

    We must explain to OUR children that they must stop fighting and killing each other. We must explain to them that in fighting and killing one another, they are only fighting and killing themselves. We must stress Brotherhood and Sisterhood amongst OURSELVES.

    We must began speaking to each other again. To speak to someone takes nothing away from US. Sometimes just by speaking you can open a door up into someone's life.

    II. Our Children Outside Our House

    It is and has been open season on OUR children for a long time. There are horror tales in our newspapers and on the screens everyday, of OUR children being killed, shackled in cuffs, and thrown in cells. We have witnessed with our own eyes them being roughed up, and open targets for all kinds of purely racist and discriminatory actions by others and sometimes by US. As adults, we know how such can and does affect us; how do WE think this affects OUR children. In many of OUR communities there is policing, and businesses being opened by those who have no vested interest in OUR communities' survival. They don't live in OUR communities, they don't put any money into OUR communities.

    We must get OUR children off of the streets. We must provide a safe haven for them. We must monitor them, so that we can protect them. A safe haven can be someone's home. It can be a community center. It can be a church basement or cafeteria. Within this safe haven, we in our relative communities can provide OUR children a place where they can study, read, sit and talk with their friends. We can provide a t.v., a stereo, or a vcr, space for them to dance or exercise.

    We must make OUR basketball courts, baseball fields and playgrounds safe havens too. As Parents we can get together and schedule monitoring sessions, where we take turns and watch OUR children while they are playing; and trust each other as parents to decide if and when danger is imminent (be it police coming around, be it drug dealers, or just persons who we may not be comfortable with), and make sure that we keep our children away from that kind of danger.

    We must also make malls and movies safe havens for OUR children. Although they may be teenagers, and expressing their, understandable, need for freedom from parents. We cannot allow them total freedom without some kind of monitoring. We must devise some kind of plan between OURSELVES to "invisibly" monitor; again, to keep them out of harms way.

    We must teach OUR children, by example, not to patronize businesses, both inside and outside our communities, where they are disrespected. or abused in any manner. Whether it be them being followed around in these places, or being talked to or treated in a disrespectful manner. We must teach them to not give their own, or their parent's hard earned money to such people; for to do so is not only disrespecting themselves, but also their parents. Such a person is not worthy of reward, and this only aid them in stripping all of US of OUR dignity..

    We must talk to each other when such happens to Ourselves or OUR children. We must learn to get the word out. If we are in the presence of such happenings to one of US, we must learn, too, to walk out of such a place or situation. We must learn to stand together on this issue, because if they do it to one, they do it to all. Sometimes OUR children may not understand what to do in such a situation, and WE, adults, should then intervene and explain the situation to them, and ask them to go elsewhere. The same thing should be practiced in public places like restaurants, where OUR children hang out, and police come around. If OUR children are causing no problems, there is no reason for them to be there.

    There are going to be times when OUR children will be on the streets without us. Maybe they are driving or walking home. In these situations We must tell them that they must obey all laws. We must tell them to be respectful. We must stress that for no reason are they to run away from police. We must stress that they ask to call US, their parents or some Adult that can come to help them.

    We must teach OUR children that if and when these kinds of things happen; that they do not have to return hatred with hatred. We must make them understand that hatred is baseless, irrational, and a sign of weakness... let those who choose to hate own it. We must teach them that hatred uses up their valuable time and energies that can be used in other, more productive ways.

    III. Coalitioning

    Over the last few years, we have been hearing a lot about coalitioning with other groups; for the betterment of both groups. Although, this is a novel ideal, and perhaps one day may be the foundation of an ideal America for all. But, I cannot see where We should even be thinking about coalitioning with others, when we have not, yet, coalitioned with ourselves.

    Dr. Martin Luther King once said, "We must meet their hate with love." I say, "We must meet their hate by loving OURSELVES first." And by this, We can began coalitioning with each other. We can work together to solve OUR own problems. We can work together on the very simple steps that I have outlined above. We can reteach OURSELVES to care about each other, and OUR children. We can buy goods and services from OURSELVES as much as possible, and/or make sure that OUR dollars are used in places where we are respected and appreciated, and places where some of that wealth is redistributed in OUR own communities.

    IV. Reality Check

    About 6 years or so, ago, there was a phrase that We over - used to describe OUR community: "We are not a monolithic people," meaning that as the Black Community, we do not all think alike. Although this is truth, and a good thing; when it comes to OUR survival, I say, that we had better come to some type of like thinking. For, in these type of things, our thinking alike can only strengthen us.

    The best thing about US not all thinking alike is that it saves US. Because as a people we cannot sometimes see the things that We do to OURSELVES that kill US. If we are to progress then we too, must look in at these kinds of things and change them.

    Most of OUR children are not bad, and all of OUR children are not good. We must understand that there are some of OUR children that we cannot reach, no matter what we do. Perhaps this is partly OUR own fault, for it is OUR responsibility to shield them from certain kinds of hurts and pains... And in some cases we have not. It is OUR responsibility to give them positive reinforcements, and a positive self-esteem, about themselves and others... And in some cases we have failed.

    Some of US, adults, were ill prepared, and in return we have just continued this cycle, until we have stopped loving OURSELVES. We have learned only to hate OURSELVES, and be disgusted by OUR own God - given skins... And it is a shame that still right now, in 2001, some of US are still walking around with paper bag swatches imprinted on our souls... and of course our children pick up on these feelings and transfer them onto themselves. There are little Black children running around afraid to be called Black, and in turn use the term as a weapon against each other.

    We must teach OUR young boys and girls that having sexual feelings is a natural thing. It is human, and there is nothing wrong with it. But, sex does not mean love, nor is it a substitute for it. We must make them understand that it is and can be an _expression of the love that they may feel for another; at the right time, and in the right situation. OUR young girls must learn that having a baby is a responsibility that in all cases of young life, is not the kind of responsibility that they need. OUR young boys must learn that getting a girl pregnant is not macho, or mean that they are somehow projected into manhood, but that it is a trajectory into a man's kind of responsibility.

    We do not go into OUR children's schools unless and until something goes wrong. Instead of school bags with books, pencils and paper; OUR children carry backpacks with guns and knives; feeling unprotected in their Own schools. We must start making random and routine visits to OUR children's schools... maybe if We show that we care, those teaching them will care, and most importantly OUR children would care, too.

    We criticize the way in which OUR children dress. But isn't it ironic how others in society at large, steal the way they dress and profit from it? Where is the out cry then? We criticize the way OUR children speak; WE even went so far as to label it, derogatorily, as Ebonics--- making it Black--- making it Negative. But, where is the out cry when society at large uses OUR color words that everyone does understand, and it becomes part of the lexicon? I say this, if their skins weren't differing hues of brown and black we would be heralding them as being bilingual.

    V. Conclusion

    We are Leaders, Thinkers, and The Keepers of OUR Own Dreams. If We die, then surely, OUR children will die. If OUR children die, so does OUR future and OUR dreams. We can began rectifying Ourselves and OUR Community. All it takes is a little of our time, OUR willingness to do it and for US to expend some of that Love that WE have, and readily uses when it comes to others (usually to OUR own detriment), and use it on OURSELVES.

    In closing I leave you with the prophetic words of the late great, Audre Lorde, "The Difference Between Poetry and Rhetoric is Being Ready to Kill Yourself, Instead of Your Children."

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    My dearest sister :grouphug: Its been awhile since I have seen you I hope and wish you all the best...your presence is missed :grouphug:
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    I miss her too... :weird:
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    Kudos!! Happy69---- I AGREE with just about all you say, Sista. I BELIEVE we can resurrect ourselves. But just like white folks have and spread the virus that causes hate and ill-will against non-whites, I think far too many Black have a virus that has dimmed their spiritual light and almost snuffed out that vital energy that all living beings need in order to not just survive, but thrive and develop our potential. Everyday, I notice how low the spirit of so many us has become in contrast to the people I grew up around, family and community folks, who had lots of spunk, spirit, good values, and FAITH. You mentioned folks like this in your manifesto. Those folks had that belief in 'things that were yet unseen.'

    IMO, what it would take to begin to bring that faith and the necessary trust in each other back to life would be to start with a small group of wholesome, like-minded people and a doable project--nothing large and unmanageable. This small group of folks would need to pull away from society to an extent, to become, like the Amish people and similar groups who are "in the world, but not of the world." If this project could succeed and steadily grow, continuing to succeed, many other Black people would want to come on board because as the saying goes, "Nothing succeeds like success." In other words, people are attracted to successful people and successful projects.

    I think a lot of Black folks are looking for an alternative, a way out, and would be willing to do this, but they cannot find like-minded others who are sick and tired enough to try something like this and be committed to making it work.
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    I'm bringing this thread back to the front because I think it's good for us to be reminded that there are those among us who want the best for us and are actively engaged in the struggle to make it happen. It's sad that this thread didn't receive much attention, but there's always hope.

    Queenie :heart: