Black Poetry : My Thoughts on This Given Day

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    the 'Sip
    Just when I thought I was over you
    You came along and blew me a cool breeze
    I began to weaken immediately
    There was a tremblin' in my knees.

    You said that you were sorry
    And then you started to cry
    After all those times why didn't I see
    That you live a constant lie.

    You admitted the wrong you'd done
    And you promised it wouldn't happen again
    You proclaimed, "What was I thinking?
    I must have gone insane."

    You held my hands gently
    As you looked deeply into my eyes
    You assured me that you were willing
    To mend our broken ties.

    I told myself that you had changed
    Perhaps, you wanted to do what's right
    You kissed me oh so passionately
    And then we turned off the lights.

    The cycle had been repeated
    I'd been a fool time after time
    Taking advantage of my feelings for you
    Should've been cited as a crime.

    But in due time you will get yours
    And I'll be saddened by your misfortune then
    I'll think of times when things were good
    Reminencse of way back when.

    Now, when I think of you sometimes
    My tears are now a smile
    As I think of how those experiences
    All seem worth the while.

    Take a good look at me today
    A strong, independent woman standing proud
    I owe a lot of thanks to you
    For you simply helped me out.

    Perhaps you thought your actions
    Would block me from my dreams
    But when I had that irking thought
    I found hope in my Healing Stream.

    I'll admit, you almost had me
    When I found out about ol' girl
    But I looked to the hill toward my Help
    And He gave me a brand new world.

    He told me to trust in Him
    In due time my change would come
    And I'd be blessed with a very good man
    By his fruits I'll know he's the one.

    So, if I had the chance to see you
    A simple "thank-you" is what I'd say
    For bringing me to my lowest point
    So, now I can bear witness to a BRIGHTER day.
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    Yeah !

    I can dig that!!
    Say that! Say that!!
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    yeah, brighter days....