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    Many people enjoy reading about my thoughts and opinions others want me to stop writing. They say I make vaguer comments and my point of view is nasty and is unethical for my age. Other’s say they are offended by my writing. My comment on those statements is, “Don’t read what I write!” No one sits there by you and hold your eyes open to force you to read what I write. You choose to do so on your own. My point of view is not nasty or unethical for my age it is reality and the truth, frankly if you cannot handle the truth then don’t be noisy and try to read my thoughts and opinions. That is the price you pay for your noisiness. My thoughts and opinions are not meant to offend anyone. Matter of fact I warn you in advance that it may be an offensive subject, contains adult language and content, but like I said you choose to read it. I do not call or point out anyone in particular in my writing. The only way you can become offended by it is if you know deep down inside that you do it.
    Some individuals think I write for my health. If that were the case I would be the healthiest person in this world. The truth is I write to express myself. Instead of speaking how I feel like most individuals do, I write it down. What some people fail to realize is that most of the time when someone is talking they get interrupted or is not even being paid attention too. I figure write it down where when somebody reads it they actually read it and pay attention to what the message is.
    Unlike most teenagers who are known by many people and who are popular because of their appearance, intellect, personality, what they have, what they wear, who they are currently dating, who they have already dated, who they fought, how many kids they have, and who they have slept with. I’m known by what I write. My mother said, “You shouldn’t be proud that you’re know by what you write.” Ms. Pitts said, “ you write insightful messages in which teenagers understand and you can relate too.” If my writing is so insightful to some, why shouldn’t I be proud that I’m known by that? I rather be known by what I write than be known as the school ho.
    For those who are waiting and wondering if I’m going to stop writing, your answer is no! As long as I have a hand, paper, something to write with and breathing air, I’m not going to stop writing anytime soon. As long as I can write on subjects that other people my age can relate too and are interested in, I’m not going to stop. As long as I can make a difference and persuade other’s to have a change of heart in different crossroads that they come to in their life, I’m not going to stop. As long as people enjoy my opinions, thoughts, and enjoy exploring the depths of my mind, I’m not going to stop. So if you are one of the individuals who are looking for me to end my so-called offensive, nasty and unethical writing style either today or tomorrow, remember in God’s eye’s a day is but a 1,000 years.

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    never give up the art & gift u pose
    never stop writting when in heart u
    know the inner feelings

    I too was told the same thing and many
    thought i would lay my pen down
    stop and walk away well i didn't
    and been writting for many years now
    my continue upward struggle in flow
    is still on path .......

    inside everyone's work is a message spoken
    a emotion felt some hope & being a poet
    the work is never done so continue to write
    help and reach as many in the power of words
    don't feel down or blue from what's inside of u
    and let ya mental caress the canvas in open word

    bless u keep writting
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    DREYAH ... very impressive Sister! You are a great writer and to be so young, gives us to know we have much to look forward to. I do hope that i'm not on the list of those that want you to stop writing, nothing could be further from the truth!

    Now that i've had the pleasure of reading your words without one curse word included in it ... i want more more more! You are an example and encouragement to all young people, giving them the little push to express themselves as well.

    If it is your desire to continue using adult language, vulgarity, and offensive topics, please know they are not welcome here. We allow only respectful dialogue. There are many communities online that don't care what words are included on their sites. If that is truly the kind of place you are seeking, you shouldn't have any problem finding them ... they are all over the Internet.

    Stay focused Sister and keep the respectful dialogue coming.