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    May 3, 2002
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    On what page of "the handbook," did you clone "your" thoughts?
    It is quite obvious to me that you know nothing about Black Americans, and further, know nothing about the powers that be- and how they use and wield that power.

    It is right-wing zealots who seemingly use the likes of you...or rather you volunteer up for service. It is people like you- who have used blackness, and whatever that provided at the time, then turned around after use, tried to destroy it.

    Black Americans have always known and continue to understand that the quickest and easiest way to White Acceptance is hatred of Black Americans. The only difference now is that the list of "Blacks" lining up for service is public.... and I am not talking about "Black" Conservatives; because I don't know too many Black Americans who do not hold what you try to call conservative views - but you will not find many Black Americans who look the Devil in the face and then let him or her spit on them.

    Maybe when You, and I really doubt if white liberals even pay any attention to you, get stares it is because those white liberals are in bed (where you want to be) with white "conservatives," and think you the **** fool you are.

    You people are the New Negro that you aspire to be. Most Black Americans still will not hate each other. Most Black Americans still will not get up in front of white America, and others and tell lies and berate their own families, as well as, try to berate others. Most Black Americans still will not fight each other, for Racists and Craven Pundits, on NATIONAL TELEVISION! Most Black Americans know when people like O'reilly, Hannity, the illiterate Jesse Lee Peterson, Ann Coulter, etc... are calling them *******! Unlike the likes of you who crave acceptance-when you have not known what it was to accept yourself.

    You know nothing, most Black Conservatives (and do not mention the likes of you with that number please) ,are ashamed of sycophants like YOU. Just because we think differently on some issues, we recognize that Black is more than a color, we recognize our duties to our Black American Community and will not help in destroying it, but try to help it, and get Our People to look at some things differently... and understand that there are other ways of getting and having Our needs and wants met.

    You are a liar, too. Everything that comes out of your mouth, every word you copy from the book of Right Wing Zealotry, wrote by a 12 year old white boy, is managed and monitored by Whites. People like you don't have the capacity to think. From my own research it seems to be mandated that YOU and Larry Elders and Armstrong (sissy, man rapist he is) Williams and some others....have to wait approximately 2 weeks before you deal with usually anti-Black contrived b.s., and are told what to write and how to write it--- it is cookie-cutter and more and more of US are beginning to recognize those FACTS.

    Black Americans will not destroy the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, CBC, NAACP, etc.. because they have seemingly gone off focus. Like us (Black Americans), they have to refocus and do things right and keep progressing. We will not hate them because they are in the Game Arena and are playing the game as well, or better than their counterparts... even with the player pieces being stacked against them. Politics and life are nepotic... you should at least know that (maybe you have not gotten to that page in the manual?). We understand that Plagiarist, such as yourself, are given space to try and destroy these people- but when it is all said and done, it is your Masters' (whose loins you crave) who would rather broker with them. I wonder why?

    Remove that "S" from your mind....You think about your usury and abuse that you have perpetrated on Black Americans... let us - Black Americans regardless of political affiliations - worry about US. You are a bump used to keep US- disunited, and a passage-maker for racists to ethnically cleanse Our Communities.
    But like and with all Regimes after use, You too will be discarded. But don't worry we won't destroy you: we will pity your passing, and beg homage of Our Ancestors who died for US and even YOU.

    I await the day when Black female and male Right Wing Zealots, like yourself, will call white and black (a community you are familiar) racist--Racists, when will you tell us why President Bush bashed Martin Luther King's birth; against Black people receiving Affirmative Action (and I don't think that we need it)... and you lied and reported that it was not a racist attack--but left out the fact that it was because the Plaintiffs just wanted the Blacks out, not all the Whites (about 1100) and Asians (about 800) who got in with lower grades. Then again, that is not written in the manual; and Parrot's parrot, they don't THINK.

    Thank you for your time. I wish you no ill will, I release you to God (yeah, there actually is one), all liars, haters, abusers, users, and sycophants; like all of us, have to face judgment.


    p.s. That liberal = evil and hateful thing might work with some (and I bet you don't even know why) but we know better.