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Jun 3, 2020
I am a 58 yo white Australian.
When I grew up I had no knowledge of African-Americans except what I learned via the TV. This was during the 70's and 80's.
When I first went to the USA in about 1991 (New York, Philadelphia) I was scared of black Americans. I did not really understand why.
This was even during innocent situations like buying food.
It took me a long time to realize what was going on.
I was a product of the media.
In TV, movies etc. the black guy was always the baddie.
I understand now it was just racial stereotyping. I am now ashamed of how I felt.
When I became aware of Malcolm X I read his autobiography and it completely changed my perspective.
I also read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown and I also realized Native Americans were also not the bad guys as portrayed in movies and TV.
Media has such a huge influence on people's opinions.
The situation here in Australia is not much different, unfortunately.
The Indigenous Australians were also dispossessed and enslaved, despite there being no written history of slavery here.
They too, have much lower quality of life than white Australians in terms of wealth, health care and life expectancy.
I think the situation around the world is quite similar.
So the BLM movement is not just about African-Americans, it concerns people of color and those dispossessed throughout the world.
That is why there have been rallies everywhere.
The tide is turning brothers and sisters (I hope I can say that without offence).
The world is listening and things are changing.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Hello @Tsardoz ... Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

Such a very nice first post. I am glad you shared it.

Please make yourself right at home!

Much Love and Peace.




Jul 2, 2003
Welcome to Destee Tsardoz

I had a manager at a company I worked about seven years ago.
His mantra was " Perception is Reality " besides fighting all of the other injustices. Perception is Another.

" Perception is Not Reality "
I drove that home to his face. Shamed his lie.. Laughed as I resigned his racist position

Perception Isn't Reality ... if first hand experience is the measure.
There are many cases where folks go along ( to fit in , to not challenge or find out first hand the truth ) with what's said and heard.. parroting and believing without knowing the truths.
It is sad and so pervasive. Spreading widely throughout

Perception Management
is well deployed in media, and corporations.
It is a marketing child. New and Improved over so many century's
Exploited so skillfully today in media and by politicians

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