Black People : My Sister is Marrying a White Man


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Dec 30, 2006
Greetings Fam: (Heres the situation)

My only sister and two brothers were raised between acorn projects in Oakland , Rimpau and Pekoe in the Crenshaw area of LA and for the most part South East San Diego. We have seen our share of drama and were primarily taken care of by our mother who struggled with Alcoholism for most of our early years. My sister, being the youngest (30 years old now) was sheltered very well by my mother during my mother's productive years of sobriety and , as a result, became immersed in the church and ensuing doctrine of "All humans are one in the body of Christ". Leaping forward, she excelled in school, got her degree and went into the Airforce and was stationed in Japan.She became deeply involved in church and community work. I love my sister and want the best for her ......she recently called me and said she is in love with a chuck who looks like dude on "My favorite martian" grown up. She is engaged to marry him in Aug and my mother really wants me and my family to go. I don't want too!

My sister knows I don't want to and is acting oblivious. My sister supported my marriage and loves my children. My mother says my sister has not been this happy in years and lights up when this chuck calls her from his duty station (he is a major in the Airforce and a deacon)

Am I being selfish? Should I transcend my bias and attend a ceremony that (for me) ritualizes and sustains the colonialization process?
Well I think that you should go. Regardless of what marriage symbolizes to any individual, for most woman it is considered the most important day of their life. Your sister is intitled to marry whomever she choses, and although you may not approve, it is one of those days that you will never be able to get back. The need to ask us what we think makes me reasonably think that you may regret not going. It's obvious that you love your sister, and go based on the fact that you love her. You may not be able to support the union, and I understand that completely. I think that would be the right thing to do. It's not always easy to put aside things we feel so strongly about.


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