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Apr 2, 2001
the earth is beginning to blister beneath the sweltering sun
children playing grills talking tells me summer has arrived
yet i stand in skepticism trusting just one sense
ignoring the evidence i only feel the cold
the space i occupy has whirling winds tossing me like a salad and when it stops i am dazed and confused and still cold
the chill in my skin disregards the sun on my face while
disrespecting the beauty of life in motion before me
i stare at this scene and decide it must be a fictitious account of what i long for because my ears ache my fingers are numb and i'm walking on bricks can't feel my feet
when i arrive home i reach for the thermostat already on 90
turn off the lights and as i drift off the dream of a better tomorrow begins
revelations 3:16

"therefore since you are neither hot nor cold I will spew you from my mouth"

there's a reason for every season
you are winning with every failure
you are growing with every pain
you are reaching without seeking
only know...IT'S ALL THE SAME

:) one love :)
I just thought I had to say...

that after re-reading this piece
4 times -- it got deeper and deeper
and began to evoke my own feelings
.....whether they be hot, or cold...
or lukewarm and tepid...
anyway -- I want to commend you
for such a sharp -assed piece!
This is definitely tyght, and thank you
for sharing it here...


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