Black People : My ridiculous prediction

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by blazejay, May 16, 2016.

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    I am predicting that Trump will win.
    What that mean for us, expect Amerikkka to regress
    back to the 1950-60's, also expect a lot of WARS!!!!
    Why I'm bringing this up? because things are not
    looking good for us. No one still have address our issues
    or problems, it's like they address immigrants, the economy,
    LGBT, and any other issues, but refuse to speak about
    Police Mistreatment of our young brothers and sisters.

    The continued killings of our people and the continued

    down spiral of economic opportunities in our community.
    It seems to me that they were herding people to depend
    on Government Assistance and The build-up of aggression
    and frustration.

    I predict if we don't come together soon, it's going to
    get very ugly, and we going to pay a awful price for it.
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    It doesn't look good does it? I often stand in amazement at the rise of Donald Trump. It seems the more groups
    that surface in attempts to make him stumble in the presidential race, the more his popularity increases. Even
    more astounding are the warnings pouring in from psychologists sociologists and others about his inability to rule
    over America as president despite these dire warnings,whites keep growing in numbers to rally around him.

    He has been called a narcissistic that poses a dangerous threat to the future of America. He is compared to Hitler et white people keep giving him the green light and applauding all his superficial speeches, (to me none of them make sense)
    If he wins I know he will goof up at some point and push this nation to the brink of destruction. I have grown weary
    of the daily news it's all about Trump. I shut down the T.V. because I am tired of all the Trump hype.

    Sometimes when I look at this man and the effect he is having on the American public, I wonder if Bible prophecy true.
    and if he has been selected by a higher power to bring about events that were long ago predicted in the bible.

    No white American should ever again laugh at the pre- world war 2 German people and how they were hypnotized by Adolf Hitler
    they should never ask "how could the germans allow such an evil man rise to immense power.
    White 2016 Americans are over reacting to Trump like the nazi germans did 80 years ago when Hitler
    stepped out on the world stage.

    It all getting very scary to me. Yes, I agree with the writer of this thread blacks really to pull together. If Trump wins
    Dark days are coming and we will need each other to get through the difficult times.
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    :SuN020:trump will get his butte kicked in the general......