Black Poetry : My rhymes caught attention as I fought in dismensions


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May 11, 2006
My rhymes caught attention as I fought in dismensions
Of grammar ran up winding staircases paid pension
To pathetic folks and now write energetic quotes
That raise skies as I gaze into eyes then cast votes
Saw a teen diva reminded me of queen Lativa had hopes
With extreme fever “girl wanna get next to you, we can
Have sex true and watch the complex view of my land-
Scape while eating pancakes from IHOPP now you understand
Boo? Bare-faced got hair and lace want an affair to taste
Your body we can hadrcore party in bed grab your waist
Have sun kissed skin we can have fun brisk girlfriend”
“RHYME you give me tons of lip undescript like a whirlwind
Could hit anywhere, my breasts seem to test my green t-shirt
They sticking out for you chicken no doubt I’m on keen alert
You plenty alive with jive after twenty five minutes hope the lust
Die down but you try go down town and do a quick lick around trust
Me boo I see right through you, want cake and cream while you make
Me scream, your **** emerged wanna surge through my panties no mistake
Your electrical will cause a circuit break on my perfect shape body”
So boo what you wanna do?” naw what you gonna do?” have a stink party
And drink Bacardi Rum”


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