Black Poetry : My reasoning tank unfixed but always perfect!

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    Yes I was born an Christian in an Christian state of America
    Then, I felt obliged to become a woman in an apostolic dress for a term

    Commited by my heart

    While I discovered the freedom of New Church praise down right

    Well it then came to me I’m a lesbian and black

    So then I commanded a then what from the congregation

    So I finally felt left out by my superiors

    I became a real lady with love on my mind

    So I askted myself how can the man I supposedly love so much that he died for me

    Excluded me

    Smartness came to my mind and I was told

    The problem you have is worshipping somebody over me

    Cause I am you

    So if they hate you

    They hate me


    That’s when I said oh hell ain’t got me

    Cause I’m in the hands of My mother

    Literally and truthfully evidently ain’t no man gon love me

    Like who made me

    Since I ain’t meet that supposed person yet

    I’ma have ta seetle for my daddy and momma and not no words that

    Spu hate towards me.