Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
buy the real estate
used the clear woods
for logged cabins
security measures
connecting from the port
to the territory of lineage choice
plus do the research of tribal law
don't forget to create your own currency
have it backed by your Option and Reserve Exchange
dayum what do you know fool
we done created our whole thang!!!!
Don't forget the no trespassing signs either
now you see why my need ignorance
has turned into supreme focus?
I study my own cultures
from native territories
to my lineage west coast
plus buy me four castles in Europe
all for my tourism
as a vacation package
all i need to do is setup business
in the UK
meaning go back to reap their currency advantage
im down to be an immortal
forget vibrating on being the continuum of the disadvantaged....

Don't forget you need the credit card system and cards to create your own credit system. Being an Information Tech guy means i need the data systems of a pharm to build my own Credit Reporting System for myself and not for a country so keeping data on my own SAN will be definitely needed. Be strategic and pursue every goal in moderation always minding your own business....having your own Culture is the Key to Tourism(includes Hospitality) which attracts International Funding...hope you are a locksmith or maybe a blacksmith? Oh yeah how many maps you got? You got a food stockpile also? Water Spring?

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