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Feb 28, 2009
"MY Pen"

“If a picture paints a thousand words,”
Then that would make MY pen obsolete
But the written word, by far,
Is the sweetest, most aesthetically-tantalizing treat.

For with MY pen,
I can so precisely tease and titillate the senses
With a vivid, panoramic landscape:
Of unrequited or reciprocal love
Of biting anger
Or consummate truth

With MY pen,
I can satiate the most demanding TASTER’S palate
That could not even, remotely, be rivaled by any PAINTER’S palette.

My pen mesmerizes.
Like the greatest beauties of legend and lore
A literary enigma like Mona Lisa
And the mysterious smile she wore

My pen will captivate and incite passions never before known
And leave the world awed and amazed at all the ways it has shown
Its sheer artistry
And driven mankind to hasten to possess it
Wielded by a magnificent mind
That can emit such finesse and sharp wit

My pen hypnotizes .
The whole world vies for its topical attention!
Just like Helen, “The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships”
And eagerly waits to hear what drops from its lettered lips

MY pen
Writes and holds the finest-spun and purest, erudite silk
None other is its equal. None other is its polished ilk

So, how could any other art form
Ever hope to surpass?
MY pen?
It’s a one-of-kind, scribing class!

(Join in, Poets, and tell us about YOUR pen!)
Like da mighty sword​

my pen drips ink of love
stronger then tyme
scribing words line by line

as da pen script verses
to never be rehearst
as da pen flava burst

into a colorful maze
even writes in a blaze
for what's seen
things you dream
when da pen let off steam

My pen is like an host
bring heat and a voice
a word wizard
in da misty mystery of choice

it lay out lyrics into a poem
to create poetry
name me a poet

noone can stomp da yard
of my pen who is alive
full of liquid love / peace & harmony

one that creates an erotic bliss
awareness wit a twist
and letters seal wit a kiss

my pen is a legendary legacy
My stencil is undeniably Unique
Sacrificing none as it rises to it's peak
Of imaging perfection
and satisfying the imaginations need
Hard to trace, thats why it's not ink

My steadfast lead grip
Captures the identity
Identifies with infinity
To create something unkept
Something intertwind in destiny
Always one step ahead

My pencil is rare
Only spotted in select near you's
But something to drive miles and miles
and retry for

My pages are saga continues
Updating your lyrical menu
Only feeding you
Never decieving you


Safe Haven
Tomorrow's hello

My pen is like the light of the moon


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