Black Poetry : My Peace...

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    I called her name from 1600miles away…. and she came
    Like fresh air I inhaled with no shame
    And because if it, her life will never be the same
    See I love this woman and that won’t change
    So I gave her the greatest gift, my name
    She’s my Queen
    My reason for getting it right
    My light…
    My little something to hold onto every night
    I’m her foundation…
    Yet I’m her Pillow…
    As she lays upon my shoulder
    I in-vision this as we get older
    Oh how I miss just holding her
    I’m her protector …
    Under no circumstances will I ever reject her.
    She’s my heart…
    Because of her it beats again
    I mean no relationship is perfect but with work and love it can be
    It not just up to her, Its also up to me
    So when the storms come and they will come
    Will you fight or will you run
    I vowed to honor her and place no one above
    That there is no other that I think of
    To show her nothing but love
    …….. Someone once told me to let the past be the past
    That’s what I’m doing
    Where God come first
    Then my marriage
    Then my kids
    And the rest can compete for dead last….