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Derrick Jay

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May 24, 2001
albany, ga - "da country"
technical director exist in a peaceful place where time is wasted in conservation. standing along a sandy shore allowing my mind to explore a deeper meaning. do i dream? everyday, in ways that expand a universal starscape, mouth agape from spectacular decision to stay amongst the land dwellers lost in the cellars of capitalism is to assist in releasing them from their mental prisons where they spew corrupt jism over the childrens sanity. never wanted it this way and never planned to be. but, the ideals of my constant vigil to purge the demons from within cast an air of sweet sin that questions my conscious hypocrisy. i'm thought to be a knowledgeable man but i've made too many mistakes to be known for my wisdom. instead i reminisce about the sweet kiss of virginal mind leaving behind all of my afterthoughts and preconceived notions...basking in the ocean of my familiar where i can see the swan song floating before me...carrying me along that sandy shore to more peace than i can imagine. then...i lay down my pen and realize what lay before my ask what is my passion? to write freely...

Derrick Jay

what's up family? i missed ya'll man...
Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome

:jumping: :jumping: :jumping:

:love: :love: :love:

Haaaaaaaayyy Derrick Jay :wave:

i have thought of you often
missed you much
hoping you'd give the pleasure
of your deep rich spirit and flow
in my house

this is love




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