Black Poetry : My nightly prayer


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
Before I close my eyes in slumber
I must take time to have a talk with God

Father as I lay down for the night
I lay down all my burdens at your feet
With the expectation that you can handle it

Father forgive me all of my trangressions
And shortcomings of today and beyond
I try to be that which you call me to be
But there are times when I step out of you
Tryingto make it happen under my own steam

Father I ask that you do what only a God can do
I ask that you meet me at my point of need
If anyone walked out of my life today for good
Help me to understand it's all part of your plan
If my finances have yet to come together
Help me to know that you able to meet all my needs
If is not time for my storm to be over just yet
Help me to grow through and not just go through
If when you examine my heart it is not pure
Help me to love unconditionally like you love me
If my mind has lost focus on that which is important
Help me to concentrate on the tasks you've assigned to me

Father as I lay down for a much needed rest
I ask that you embrace me in your loving arms
And instill in me a perfect peace and serenity
In your matchless name, I pray, amen and amen


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