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    My Musekhet Formula: Absalutree


    Tree=Life is to sow and reap consciously one from roots to heavens above so below from right hemisphere to left hemisphere as give and receive my communication the sexual strokes of orgasmic experience ongoing.

    My name are the Exponential Powers:
    Shay+Heh= Shayheh

    Body of Existence as Lute:
    Soundboard = Spirit Plane and my mouth is the rose as the soundhole.
    Back=Physical Plane and also Nervous System soulfully.
    Neck=Passageway that carries Emotional Plane of real feeling intensity and non-intensity.
    Belly=Intuition which is second brain paranormal and my SOULJAH inked in on my stomach alsoTri Ba Equilateral Model =Faces of Queen Nefertiti+Queen Nzinga+Queen Tubman. SOULJAH inked in my gut of the belly arched as the rain+bow from the Queens as they are Ab which are hearts of them all and Ba aspects of their soul findings with my dog tags representing the physical me and non-physical me inked cause the enemy can kill one but not the other so choose your discourse of poison and healing.
    Bridge=Right and Left Hemisphere of Brain across the soundboard.
    Frets=Invisibility, Invincibility, Indivisibility, Immortality on a musical scale as the tree=life or Tree of Life from roots to heavens.
    Strings=Five course two strings each representing my capability to sound as one expressed in melodies as harmony from top to bottom or above so below then vice versa.

    + is perceptive as art of science and math and symbolism
    = is perceptive as art of science and math and symbolism
    (), {}, [] are the doors of the egg as an enclosure of concoction's expectancy

    (Diary of a Black Man: Tri Ba Model and Geometry) Copyright 2014