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    Reaching the heights in my life,
    I got inked into my skin,
    not fore a show as some do,
    but fore a symbolic meaning,
    of feeling the pain leave the body,
    indeed it is intense so much,
    you want to drop a tear,
    but you take all societal views against you,
    and needle across your skin and release life's imperfections...

    I needed to be One with Muthaland,
    since growing up being around in the country,
    is an experience to be felt being One with nature,
    knowing the boundaries and each set of existence meanings,
    I grew up tough on brothers and sistah who died fore it,
    I felt them to the core spiritually whether it was music,
    books and straight conversations in person,
    the closest entity to Muthaland tribal nature,
    was blaq gangs and so I hung with my brothers,
    throughout my life and cease it to an extent,
    so I could focus and not get suspended into the setup,
    created by oppressors and corrupt mentalities,
    religiously holy books became like cartoon books,
    unreal and yet indeed a good story to read,
    but not my way of life to the head and heart,
    I believe in myself and give self credit fore waking up,
    stepping into each crevice of opportunity throughout the struggle,
    cause to feel powerless is to be empty,
    yet emotions get stirred up among many others,
    so instead of warring with them,
    I left them in the dust of ashes as they smoke themselves up,
    high off each other accomplishments as a sect of individuals,
    from town to town and city to city,
    like crack fiends hypnotized on words,
    as if they never seen or heard words before,
    which words are phonetic sounds of music really,
    hitting certain notes you want to hear,
    so your wants translate into needs hit after hit,
    an addiction some can relate too,
    and everything is webbed together,
    if you really take a closer look,
    some refuse due to pride and denial across the faces,
    and it's okay though cause I still love you,
    with or without your acceptions and rejections of me,
    your validations of me are null and void when it comes to life.

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2

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    See you got different mindsets,
    over here in America,
    if you are not industrial,
    then you are poor and labeled third class,
    just like they class structure,
    seen in Europe too,
    differs from Muthaland,
    as all are One or try to be,
    just like in the hoods across the globe,
    been there representing blaq,
    everywhere I stepped inside blaq,
    and the invitation was humbling,
    without a fight from those Jamaican brothers and sistah in the UK,
    from those of various parts of Muthaland in the UK,
    from those of Haiti too...yeah,
    to here in DC and most southern states,
    so I didn't have to go far to receive more,
    of my culture and bring it back to my family,
    and tell the stories of all blaq in one place,
    at a club, walking together through the crowded streets,
    just relaxed and vibing teaching me bit by bit,
    huddle up together getting the soul food while it rained,
    man even cook outs was beautiful like Muthaland would want it,
    I could see her smiling like finally all my children together as One,
    of peace living life connected,
    and when we departed into our own ways,
    the real feeling of missing yourself as various versions,
    really did set in and hit me hard,
    sometimes unable to cope with,
    see when you get a piece of yourself outside of a book,
    in person with smiles, seriousness of solutions, real Sistahs,
    wow the Sistahs was as real as real can get,
    often still today I look into myself to find them,
    as a tree of life climbing their branches of thoughts perched there,
    and sincere feelings genuine to help me grow,
    into who I'm suppose to be and not a fake character...
    it's almost like they slapped the righteousness into me or something,
    and eye woke up to shake the fake mindset off,
    the one that was prepared fore me since I was a kid,
    as the kids are going through the same now,
    so I came up with a solution fore real and it is taking hard work,
    as time claim another life and I know this is life,
    but you can't help it like more heart than your last times,
    fore sure the brothers had my back on everything too,
    pretty much the same here to an extent cause many are took,
    under by the streets formulated as a setup from jumpstreet,
    still to this day I have not seen a cocaine plant or heroin plant in sight,
    so where is it coming from? I know....

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2

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    I take every ancient mentality,
    as One and even my name,
    I just vibrate to it,
    as the name doesn't make me,
    nor where I'm at,
    it's the heart that makes you,
    made me realer than my last times,
    up up up eye go,
    and deep deep deep eye seek,
    yes every time another notch grown,
    lend me ah thought fore food tree,
    eye catch myself asking without knowing,
    as everything is pretty much One,
    sometimes I walk by and high five a branch,
    the tree shake and bend a little,
    to give me a slap back and wave on,
    I see more butterflies and that urge to follow,
    and chase just comes out,
    many times I fall to the ground,
    not knowing what is ahead,
    life be still please so we can walk together,
    then the butterfly rubs its hands together,
    like round two but I'm not stupid though,
    and I tip toe backwards until me and butterfly,
    is about a few feet apart,
    and I try again but slowly this time,
    with two fingers walking,
    two inches from a touch,
    butterfly takes off...
    a lesson learned every time,
    you can't chase life,
    life comes too you when the smell is right,
    and will perch on your shoulders,
    or the spot you need working on in your life,
    maybe my aura needs a little sunshine,
    I carry ladybugs around with me too,
    tonight the lightbugs come out celebrating life at night,
    often I can't help to think,
    do they light up wherever the stars lay,
    correspondence on a subtle level?
    I wonder while imagining playing the keyboard,
    in the skies without letters and the stars dance,
    while looking down upon the earth,
    we enjoy the sounds unheard of universally,
    as the planets spin round and round,
    like a shockwave in orbit constantly,
    vibrating then outer space into a plane,
    of many existence without no skin,
    just a glow of deep shine pulsating walking without feet,
    no human body yet connected as One,
    while outside envisioning on top of the earth,
    looking afar while the bats get to eat tonight,
    and the crickets communicate,
    so the slugs peek out on a mission,
    carrying Mutha'z load fluorescent,
    the ants still at work marching Souljah fore Souljah,
    see the spider on the corner?
    The web is made to fit dinner prospects unknowingly,
    as the earthworms wiggle out ah little bit just to wiggle back,
    guess they figure it's night time and they safe,
    from the early birds smarter than the last times,
    but no rooster in sight yet I know he still sounds off,
    oh the sun is coming up so I gotta watch my ego,
    then my pitbull barks so I gotta get his food plus water prepared,
    communication is so fund-ah-mental,
    looking forward to the dragonflies flying by zipping,
    the hummingbirds came around earlier in the seasons,
    face to face interactions like I got nectar...
    the air feels more and more like an invisible hug,
    fore me my mindset is life....

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2