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May 29, 2004
I remember last night like it was a dream…bits and pieces caramelized my mind.
But, yet I remember…

The words you spoke to me teased my brain…yet… I remember…

You spoke to me of my past, mentioned days gone by, and for once in my life,
I …listened, and I remembered.

You are a beautiful, and your walk in life is just as beautiful, I see those crooked places made straight…And as many times as I can, close my eyes and see your past, least I imitate.

Such a man to guide my mind, cliché the passage “the sands of time”
I do remember…

I hear many, many things…and I feel even more…I’m SO walking in my crooked places to be made straight.

I will imitate…


And ONE day, I’m going to bless a single soul with a memory of their own…
Just like You………….

©Written by Tia Duncan 4/1/04 @ 8:06pm


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