Black Poetry : my mad duty is to add beauty to rap but a cutie zap // my eyes right here in Virginia Beach and n

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    my mad duty is to add beauty to rap but a cutie zap //
    my eyes right here in Virginia Beach and now trapped //
    this girl's butt convinced me to an intense degree //
    she shake booty want the cake of this cutie she //
    really got me, having a mad rush and will be glad //
    to crush that so plush and phat need her at my pad //
    but first things first and my thirst the worse so let //
    me check the place before i wreck some lace may get //
    stopped but this girl is wet a lot should let me hop on //
    her bandwagon I'm fan of dragon love she can't shop alone //
    here at Food Lion and that just my two cent out front //
    is FERRELL'S PARKWAY have to rap to this chick and stunt //
    asap or quick my cap is the trick because it's turned backward //
    so I'm a cool dude in a school mood but must elude scrubs //
    in order to have an attitude of love and my car move on dubs //
    SO LOOK BOO: you a fine red-bone jump in my car lets head //
    home I'm led alone by your skin tone so yellow with mellow //
    lips make any fellow trip got jello hips, saw you on MONTECELLO //
    ROAD yesterday I pause to check almost caused a wreck //
    I hit the brake dang i was looking at some legit cake neck //
    turned eyes not on the road your pies a hot load with chocolate //
    chips and my hormones took off like a rocket ship and droplets //
    of love on my eyeglasses attended pie classes jest to get a girl //
    boo you phat and desired you have cake that is required world- //
    wide, a winner stable at the dinner table eating rolls and needing //
    bold love ready take hold of club, make love like USHER leading //
    in "confessions" rough disaster tough to master must revamping //
    and healing after trampling on feelings I be precise and nice stamping //
    my name on your body while getting lame at a party and clamping //
    down Haters with paper clips while the vapor drips in your panties //
    boo you know how we do, so like SNOOP bow wow somehow candies //
    in the making I'm taking you out tonight awight but will duck vigilantes //
    home and bone, kissing over dinners listening to the SPINNERS BOO //
    you so wet today "how could i let you get away" you winner so true //
    so who do you love boo? my car pistons thump like SONNY //
    LISTON got slam-dunk and knocked out by ALLI, it's funny //
    how fine redbones and my head gone crazy over your unknown //
    gravy so how about a little cake on a brittle plate to the tone //
    of music boo? surviving thrills with driving skills arriving fill //
    with joy while striving to fill this boy's hope that's a bitter pill //
    to swallow doe , followed by foe and must duck my head yo //

    NAW PLAYER ready and sweaty wanna take a healthy chill and be like //
    STEPHANIE MILLS "Never Knew Love Like This Before" so I'm hype //
    this queen realize that you want cream pies between my thighs but //
    gonna ignore the big door that's open that will allow you to enter my stuck //
    up world you wanna feel my butt and hurl kisses at my lips i must duck //
    and trust my luck and now dust fly up along with my dress but i pulled //
    it back down the behavior of wind favor men you just can't pull the wool //
    over my eyes dress up can't cover my pies and panties alone not enough //
    boys will tongue right through them silk things and milk brings stuff //
    like butter cups and boys clutter up my ears begging a lot I'm pledging //
    not to go down like that guess I'm a yellow kitkat wearing sexy leggings //
    part black and part white mixed into a yellow skin tone been strong //
    through out the years i hate to brag fast and be tripping because like //
    a bag of grass clipping talk can bulge out heavily and really fly like a kite //
    but a redbone's panties get real wet sometimes I don't know what to //
    do about that, boys have a love jones for my skin tone and wanna true //
    kiss my lips but i slip away they wanna grip waist put their lips on my blue //
    lace be in the car perhaps and my bra strap goes missing to those kissing //
    my lips, it's hot devastated chasing like top rated racing boys take the wheel //
    because cake is in the deal and the fakes are revealed a guilty pig will squeal //
    well I guess i can get a dose of love when we sit close in the club the deal //
    is you want toast to hug fantastic so far and like a classic car my interior //
    is superior upholstery is grocery for your taste buds my waist is diphtheria //
    to a scrub don't hug me, you would love to head home with a redbone oh //
    my panties are hot even at the car lot almost gave a boy some but no //
    I got away wow my breasts sucked dress was up blessed with butt //
    it was a close call I can't boast yall he host all the love talk a cut //
    above the rest sex easy to learn but a sleazy concern jest rock //
    my mind as to why a redbone is hot all the time totally shock //
    well I guess I'm a hot one looking for lots of fun and drop tons //
    of love being a redbone in the dead zone of a kiss or two buns //
    ready for whatever but never a let down be in a boy's car with //
    the top dropped and hot a lot running traffic with stunning swift //
    graphics but don't stop dear it can get "hot in here" kissing on the celli //
    while wild and listening to NELLY you want love in your tummy and belly //