Poetry Critiques : My Lover At My Door


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Nov 23, 2007
I wasn't surprised that night when I heard the knock on my door.

I knew it was you before I asked who it
was and the sound of your deep
smooth voice answered " its me baby."

I wasn't the slightest surprised when you
walked through my door kissed me on the
cheek and walked straight to my room.

And I walk behind you almost hypnotised by
the smell of you cologne.
And its weird because you wear
that same cologne all the time,
but its like I smell it for the first time every time your here.

And I wasn't surprised when you sat
on the right side of the bed and lit
the scented candles on the night stand
and the smell of strawberry's filled the room.

I'm still standing in the door way
watching your every move thinking
how sexy you look in the candle lit room.

And then you look at me with those light
brown eyes, full of life and passion
I am almost taken aback by the intensity of your stare.

But I'm not surprised by the way you look at me
for you look at me like that every time your here.

And slowly you walk towards me, taking my hand
leading me to the bed and sitting me down
not taking your eyes off of me. I can't help but to smile.

Then you run your fingers though my thick
black hair, kissing me on the lips and like a
fine wine I become intoxicated by your sweet, passionate kiss
almost feeling light headed.

But again I'm not surprised, your kisses are perfection
and I become lost in them.

"Lie down" you whisper and I do as you say.
Your body now pressed against mine
our clothes find their way to the floor
and the warmth of your brown skin is on top of mine
and I can feel your heart beating against my breasts.

As I explore your body with my finger tips
I can feel the excitement in your body rise
and you greedily survey my body with your hands
making me quiver, Knowing every spot to touch.

And then like so many night before
you find your way inside of me
and when I think its impossible
the intensity of your eyes magnify by a hundred and
the rhythm of our bodies make a sound of music only we know how to sing.

Never do you take those beautiful eyes off of me
and never do I take mine off of yours.

And we sing our song to the rhythm of our bodies
with our moans insinc
till the instruments of our love are too tired to play.

And I feel you tremble under my fingers
and you hear your name pass my lips.
Then all is still
There is only the sound of our heavy breathing.

And finally we close our eyes.​
Romanticly enterlace of pure sweet love and grace as night fall
da sound of two hearts beating this was so beautiful and warm it
had me all up in it ..........

Welcome to Destee.com happy to read u and look forward to seeing more of your pen
romantic side .


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