Black Poetry : My Life ....Foot~Note


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I am from
da back hills of ole miss
down dirty wit southerness

From the womb of darkness
upon da glisting starz of light
which captivated my living, that i am

The uplifting tree of morrow
pitted between da struggling sorrow
to the joy of thy worthy flower, i am

from emotions that dance rapidly
on every foot note song happily
my life bare many days romanticly

I am from city streets of death
on the tomb of thy ancestors wealth
da crossroad of hearts i am

From the soulfoods of chitlins & greens
butter cornbread and mother's love
an exsistance of emotions & passion of faith

I am from broke down shack
tapping feets and blistering hands into
summer heat and freezing cold, i am

From the poetic mission as poet that i am
thee of written words and pictures painted
canvas to be carved for i am

From da maze of life's treasure that i am
thy child wit many hopes and dreams clashing
a structure of morrow's spool to be fatherly

I am from da harp and blues
crossed in da Jazz filled wit corner stup zydeco
i am stronger, bigger, deeper, wit life that i am

From da extreme fire of desires unconditionally
and children play of thy future growth i am
that i am from da dream of reality is where i'm from.


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