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Sep 11, 2007
I like the kind of woman,
Who’s independent?
One who can make a decision?
Without a man’s consent,
You know the kind of woman,
who’s pleasing to the eye,
And pleasing to di “I”.
The kind of woman who is a,
deep thinker,
with superior intelligence
She’s even a bit of a philosopher.
And she can appreciate the simple things,
Like beachside walks on moonlit evenings.
I like the kind of woman who is way past
Outward beauty,
Yet she puts herself together, a real cutie.
The type who will sit with me
Listen intently as I read her poetry.
A well read sister on a higher plain
Who appreciates, some Marley, Tosh, Beres, Nina Simone
Billie Holiday and some Coltrane
A head in the clouds hopeless romantic
At the same time a level headed,
Well grounded love-a-holic.
Who is addicted to my love,
Cause that’s one thing she’ll
Have an endless supply of.
I like the kind of woman
Who will not take dirt,
Cause she knows exactly
What she is worth.
One who can handle herself capably
Mix it up, rough it up,
But still keep her dignity.
She is a queen who, when she does her thing,
Makes her man know he is a king.
I like the kind of sister,
Who can make me live in
A state of bliss,
Make me see paradise with
A honey coated kiss.
I like a woman who is confident in herself,
And when she takes care of business,
her man would be foolish to go anywhere else.
Yeah that’s my kinda woman!!
Well Now

King rootzpoet,

She's out there waiting and preparing for u...:pc:
That's one thing, as a HOPEFUL romantic I believe that is true...:rolleyes:
Sadly, she's been over looked because when some feast their eyes they see a blur...:driveby:
Loosely translated, those who asked before, got just what they wanted, and didn't know what to do with her...:SuN019:
That's typically the case for most of us good women today...
But something tells me you're different, u won't treat your blessed Queen that way...

Awesome Write Poet... Flow On... Keep On...
When that kinda woman meets that kinda man, the entire universe smiles and sighs. Nothing wrong with knowing what you want, and I liked the way your wants were conveyed. She exists.
Welcome to Familiarize yourself with our poetic rules of etiquette, . Give poetic love and support to other poets, as they give the same to you. Looking forward to reading more from you.


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