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    Christianity On Trial approx. 700pp

    My book, Christianity On Trial, has the potential of changing the mainstream perceptions of Christianity historical development. Christianity needs to be put into a new light.

    The roots of the Gospel texts are easily traced to the land of ancient Egypt. The cast of character names in the New Testament were changed to protect copyrights and plagiarism charges of the Egyptians being levitated. The man you know as Jesus Christ is none other than Horus. Horus father is Ptah, which is Greek for Egypt. Horus earthly father is Seb/Sep, the true origin of Joseph and his mother is Isis, aka Meri or Mary. There are over 200 similarities of Horus/Jesus but nothing attracts my eyes of analogy than the first miracle Jesus allegedly performs. Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding in the city of Cana. No, no, no this is Horus making “Grape-Water” at a Canal. The Christians just took off the L from Cana, a fictional city in Israel. According to the Holman Bible dictionary just for #1:

    1. Cana means “Nest”.
    2. In Egypt the Goddess Net (Nest) was the personification of Canals (Cana), water, and unions/marriage. Its no coincidence the forbidden fruit of Eve & Adam is grapes
    3. Clearly Horus uses magic with the help of Net to create “Grape-Water” @ his Canal/Cana.
    4. Jesus was a Nazarite. This was a religious club mentioned in the OT. The Nazarites were seekers of knowledge through spiritual experience. The word shoot (netzer) is the root for Nazarite.Clearly Jesus is a member of the Goddess Net. Net was a goddess of wisdom. Much of her foretelling/forethought comes from “weaving” or “shooter” of information. We find Joseph in the OT foretelling a famine for the Egyptian king. Due to his keen foresight was given an Egyptian female belonging to the Goddess Net. The poet Homer’s Nestor is the Greek version of the female Net whose wise counsel is often sought; and Athena the female Net. Nazarite also meant “watchtower” which could be a ^ pyramid (tower) with an eye (watch) on top. Net gives birth to Ra (sun/eye). And we have the Egyptian word “Neteru-Set” meaning “the gods of the mountain (pyramid/tower) are the offspring of Ra himself, and they emerged from his eye (mind). The book of Isaiah 11 is supposed to predict Jesus coming as a shoot.
    5. Now Samson was another Nazarite having power (knowledge) in his hair. Hair was symbolic of wool being weaved together. Hair was also symbolic of clouds/water and intelligence was called the Tongue/Voice of water which Jesus was said to posses.
    6. Plutarch calls also Shoot “Universe” having reason. The three pyramids of Giza ^ ^ ^ Egyptians felt was a reflection of the Universe within the stars of Orion.

    This is just one example of several being used in Christianity On Trial to painfully but truthfully of tracing the Gospels foundation to Egyptian priest.
    The first King of Egypt called himself Crocodile/Horus. Plutarch tells us 666=Crocodiles. All Egyptian Kings become Kings after they anoint their foreheads with crocodile oil. Bible writers made it no coincidence to make the anti-Christ a modified Crocodile beast coming from waters (Nile) saving another beast head wound (Osiris). Their solution to cut off their roots was
    To demonize their own very origins. Crocodiles/666 on forehead is one of many more clues. If we take the Roman numerals V I VI VI .I’m informed you can create the six (6) pointed Star of David from the Roman numerals. The two Pyramids of the stars of David symbolize the two pillars of Solomon, which play a big role for Masons. Solomon is a form of Thoth and Ptah who originated Masonry. Ptah is the Greek word Egypt. Egypt was symbolized with two mountains/pyramids ^ ^. The hieroglyphic sign for pillar was V with a stick (I) under it. Other 666 links I will present:

    A. Christian comes from Christ from the Greek Kristos which is Hebrew/Egyptian for Messeh/Messiah. Messeh signified the ritual of anointing Kings with oil from crocodiles.
    B. The first historical King in Egypt was called crocodile. King Menes who unified Egypt is saved by a crocodile and Horus called himself a star Crocodile. The star being two pyramids weaved together within the stars of Orion in space/heaven/universe/shoot.
    C.David isn’t David he is King Tuthmosis III he was named in honor for Thoth, the god of writing. The Egyptian spelling for Tuthmosis was written TWT=Hebrew for DWD=David. Solomon would take on the same attributes of Thoth like his so called father David. Solomon was also called Jedidiah II Samuel 12:25 meaning “By the word of the lord”. In Egyptian hieroglyphics they say “May Thoth the lord of the words of the gods”. Same title same people.Now wonder the symbols of David and Solomon are purely Egyptian.

    But the biggest contradiction of the NT is the words of Jesus on the cross declaring God left him. Paul claims Isaiah 53 was talking about God being pleased about Jesus being bruised on the cross. Jesus makes another statement that God never leaves him because he is pleased at all he does. These irreconcilable contradictions are compounded with archaeology finds of cylinder seals proving King Cyrus is the unnamed person in Isaiah 53. The apocryphal Bible appears more valid because they claim Jesus “power” not God left him on the cross. This rips its origins from its foundation because without a crucifixion there’s no bases for Christianity.

    Andre Austin