Black Spirituality Religion : MY IMPRESSION OF THIS COMMUNITY

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    Peace Destee Family, recently I was invited to attend a discussion panel, to determine whom should be considered "our leadership". At that point, it occurred to me that most of our profound leaders are either incarcerated or killed. The fact that the individuals at this meeting, were continuing to use the same old methods, that has produced little or no results, meant that a few cannot determine our leadership, it must be a concentrated, collective effort... such as what is developing here at

    HIS-STORY has influenced those of us, that are of NUBIAN descent (black, brown, red and yellow) to the point of IGNORING the facts. "WE" are not here on the Planet Earth to entertain the world! "WE" are here to assist in containing MALEVOLENCE (of which Adam failed to do in the Garden of Delight). "OUR" skills, abilities and talents excel all others, that exist on this Planet, even while in an ignorant state of mind. "WE" are direct descendants of people of color, that are of an advanced form of Intelligence. The same people (Eloheem or Gods)that re-filled and re-constructed this Planet 24 Billion years ago (Gen. 1:1). It has been known by our en-slavers for hundreds of years, of the knowledge, talents and skills of "US" . The reason HIS-STORY is presented as such, is directly related to maintaining AT ALL COST, the ignorance of those of NUBIAN descent. WHY? "WE" inherited the KNOWLEDGE to defeat or contain, this MENACE that has plagued the world. I believe this community is a part of, if not a major part, in leading the battle to inform "OUR" people... Knowledge is Power... just keep'n it real... Peace