Black Poetry : My humble prayer


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
Dear God on bended knee I come to you
Knowing that this prayer is long overdue
But before I make any requests of thee
I must thank you for the blessings afforded me

Thank you for allowing me to rise this morning
For some lost their lives prior to this morning.
I bless God for the food I shall receive this day.
For many families continue to go hungry today
God, I appreciate your provision and protection.
For without you I would be lost without direction
I even Thank you for the correction you give me
For you, God, chasten them that are loved by thee

So often we become so preoccupied with our daily affairs
Forgetting how we made it from way back there to here
often forgetting how we become who we are today
But I must stop and take a moment on this day
To acknowlege I'd be nothing if There was no you

I know that no matter what I am going through today
Or whatever situation or dilemma that comes my way
Whatever storm that comes to make me sway or fret
Or Whatever love one's life is filled with an trial or upset
You are more than enough for all this very day shall hold
And that you, God, will take care of all that shall unfold
I've come to understand that if you, God did it before,
You are able to do it over again, a million times more

As I close out this prayer...
Father, help me appreciate all that You are doing for me
And that My life is an original masterpiece created by thee
I Thank you God for take time to invest in a wretch like me.
For without you God I don't know where or what i would be
Father, help me trust You when things seem impossible.
For I know that with You all things are more than possible.
Lastly, Father, help me live a life that pleases You in every way
For my desire is to live up to all you have invested in me on today



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