Black Poetry : My Heat


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May 11, 2001
Atlanta, GA
As I Sit
And contemplate
The possibilities of you
The possibility
of ‘us’
I hope that you would
Never under-estimate
The intensity of my heat.
Do you realize
That you could get burned?
Does a man such as yourself
Know how to handle
A woman?
Such as myself?
Can you caress?
Can you kiss?
Can you lick?
Can you handle?
I know you
Mr. Smooth As butter
I also know
How easily I could make you melt
Without the candle light and champagne
Without the black Panther rug
Without the silk and satin sheets
Without all the tricks of the trade?
The heat I bring with just myself
Is enough to singe the hair on your ….
Keep this all in mind
And once again
I hope that you would
Never under-estimate
The heat of my fire


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