Black Poetry : My Heartache (it's kinda vulgar guys - sorry)


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Feb 19, 2005
It's over
This time I swear I'm ****in' through
Sick and tired of loving you
Feed up of being your fool

Yep, this time I'm serious I'm done
Enough with pretending to love me just for fun
Being my friend is the closest to me you'll ever come
You're going to end up being the lonely one

****, it took me long enough to wise up
I will no longer be drinking from this empty cup
"Girl, I never stopped loving you!" shut the **** up

As far as I'm concerned there is no need for you and I to speak
About the old feelings we once shared; it makes my heart weak
"I think we will end up together!" is the conversation we have every week
Once again this type of relationship is not one I wish to seek

To be honest I think you were scared
Cause you know the love I could have given you would have never been compared

Instead you chose to be with that silly ***
Dang, I never knew you would stoop that low
But you're young you have time to grow
Don't even think about rebounding with me because the answer will be NO

Suddenly our past and present has created a huge distance
A romantic love for me and you is non existant
You know what, up until now I've been persistant
What the **** do I look like your **** assistant

Baby you and I will be great friends
True buds through thick and thin
I wish I would have known what I know back then
Then I wouldn't have created in you a safe haven

You know that I love you
For you just about anything I will do
Just like I said before I'm tired of being your fool
And the thought of loving you, again, is over and through
i hear ya sometime we all have to make a choice
so one can hear da voice and move on love can
hurt and leave a taste like never before tired of the crap!
i feel ya here................flow head tyte expression


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