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    Traveling Into the Mouth Of My Future
    By: TAJ,
    Enunciated by: Duborah Oya Bakr

    Unlike all other races, whose journey on this earth must end in tragic annihilation, my future is my past. My future is always behind me.
    It is always in my past. And the fact of the matter, that for me to have my future, I must relearn my past because prior to having undergone holocaust;
    at the end of every race known;each of them chipped away at, and caused to crumble my memory of my past. Each took me further and further and further away from my own consciousness. Further, and further, and further away from my own memory, and the further away I got away from my own consciousness the deeper, and deeper, and the deeper I plunged into the abyss and dismal depths of ignorance;and the deeper, and deeper and deeper I descended into ignorance the greater became the impact of my sense of humiliation, shame, anger, agony, the greater became my pains.

    Then came the final crushing humilation self-pity. And then came the frustrations.Then came the mental and spiritual confusions.Then came the stage of hopelessness. And that hopelessness ultimately turned me, both against and then upon myself. Attempts of suicide.

    And when this happened, other races placed my name upon what they called an endangered species list. Then other races and nations actually held meetings, conventions, campaigns advocating my genocide.
    It is... was... already.... illegal to exercise my own freedom.

    Already frowned upon by all races and nations.
    For me to exercise my own pride, God already been condemned.

    Every race and every
    group, tribe and nation
    spoke of me in derogatory terms.

    Had already assigned me a demeaning positions....
    Hoers of wood…
    Carriers of water…
    Member of chain gangs…
    Prisoner for laboratories…
    In other words,
    their beast of burden!

    I was to be seen but never heard. While these same alleged proud nations studied the writings, scripts and scrolls of MY Noble Ancestors…
    From which they usurped as their own, and from which they
    wrote their books, i.e., bibles, talmud, their korans, their vidas,
    and the Character of MY History were named their gods, liberators, saviors, redeemers, while I was viewed as their hostage, their prisoners, their slave, fools and clowns, while I was seen as an idiot, buffoon, joker without even the potential assigned to a dog.

    Centuries of these holocaust transpired.
    I worked as a slave to build their empires.
    Predicated upon their misinterpretations of my Forefathers and Foremothers.
    Truth, knowledge, sacred writing from wince they established their entire ways of life, all of this was kept from me.

    Those who rule these nations and were considered clever, astute, learnered, highly intelligent and even held to be incredibly wise.

    Went to great length to make sure I would never learn to read.
    To be taught was illegal.
    Anyone who dared tried risked their very lives.
    I was to be made the idiot!
    To be utterly despised!

    Consider, if you will, the fact that for me to learn to read was illegal.
    To think illegal, and when I created anything, even from my faulty and incomplete genetic memory, such a creation, such an invention was immediately taken away from me, stolen.

    Even with a flawed, battered, faulty, scattered, extremely diminished intellectual facilities, whenever I created anything, it was immediately stolen.

    Stolen by those who held me hostage.

    And what was my crime?
    Why was I being held?
    Being subjugated, so grievously?
    And brutally humiliated?
    And so utterly despised, disrespected, because I descended from a race of Kings and Queens!

    Global Civilization, Inventors, Kingdoms, Nations and Empire Builders!
    Greatness was my crimes! Being creative was my crimes!
    Establishing new worlds, teaching man and man-kind truth.
    Knowledge and skills, teaching doctrines that harmonized with both the Universe and Laws Of Nature. Teaching things no other knew, could conceive or understand. Indeed, could envision, nor images. These were my crimes!

    Establishing governments through which everyone could express thy will.
    Creating systems of agricultural plantings, harvesting, raising the level of man and human consciousness! These were my crimes!

    That was why I was taken prisoner!
    Held hostage. Held, milked, bilked, squeezed like luscious grapes,
    for all my minds.... holds ....wrung .... like a rope till my very soul
    poured forth its creative gold.

    That is the reason why I was kidnapped.
    Why I was stolen.
    Why I was transported for thousands of miles,
    kept in quarantined, segregated, and isolated.
    It was to make me forget who I was, what I was.
    To whip out.... wipe out...
    my entire memory banks of everything about myself
    my culture,
    my language.
    It was to disinherit me!

    My name was changed hundred of times.
    I was sold to hundreds of individuals, races and nations.
    And even sold from one to another.
    Each time my name was changed.
    Each time I was put through countless changes.
    Each time new kinds of new levels of agonies and pains.
    Each time in a different, a new location, dressed up a new disguise.
    Taught their versions of everything.
    Their versions of doctrines....
    Religions, dressed up like their monkey.
    Worked like their donkey!
    Kept from my own sisters, husband, mother, daughters, sons, nephews, nieces. We were treated as though we were no relations or kin.

    We were to become carbon copies of those who held us prisoners.
    They struggled for hundreds of years, trying to vacuum-clean out our minds,
    to programmed and reprogrammed our very genes.
    To the point where we were to cease being what we were.
    But to become their new creatures.
    They sort to become our god!

    That myself, my own off-springs who undoubtedly descended from powerful Empires, Kingdoms, Nations created by our Forebearers, Kings and Queens!
    Who wrote their deeds through such things and regardless of where we might be. Irrespective of the circumstances and conditions befallen us... their off-springs. We could never be less than Royal People!
    Royal Individuals!
    They who held us... were angry about it!
    Punished us for being... Royal Being.
    They despised us!
    But had no use for our knowledge!
    Our skills!
    Had to live off of our welfare.
    They drank our blood,
    ate our flesh and
    allowed to dream of greater and better things.
    Specifically predicated on our genius.
    The more they hated us because they were dependent upon us.

    In return for what they took from us, they gave us centuries of holocausts!
    A living hell! Brutalization, murdering and raping.Hanging us for struggling to free ourselves from their domination and exploitations! To think of doing such things became illegal, punishable by death! While they went about the world proclaiming us their burdens!

    Pretending to have rescued us from barbarism!
    Idolatry! Heathenism! Cannibalism! Backwardness! Savagery!

    There were no ends to the lies they tell!
    What happened when we freed ourselves from their exploitation and domination?

    They will become helpless, hopeless buffoons.
    Seen for what they are: international criminals, destroyer of nature and nature’s people.

    Which are rogues?
    Extremely unimaginative, without the creative facility, their highest ability and capacity is innovative misinterpreting their best talent in the realms of lying!!
    Lying is their most productive industry!
    It is their theatre of expressions...chattle slavery, share-croppin, jim crow, civil rights, the blood of jesus, job, ham...
    TRUTH matters not!
    HONESTY the same!
    JUSTICE and FAIRNESS are prevented in all their dealings.
    When they find among them individuals gifted with intelligence they imprison or hang them.
    When they discover among themselves, males or females, who refuse partaking in exploitation, lying, oppression or seeking domination, and
    choose to be descent, respectful, cooperative, enjoys naturalness, bears no ill-will they are held with extreme suspicions.

    Often secretly characterized and classified as enemies!

    They become a national security risk....
    Kept out of government and commerce....
    Kept under surveillance....
    Constantly investigated....
    Questioned as to their long-term intentions....
    Ultimately becoming targets of their own governmental retaliations, decency is punished! They are viewed as lovers of their hostages till they are indoctrinated and ultimately converted to take up and preach hatred.

    For those who they have classified as their enemies, one must understand
    the nature of the liar, the thief and the rapist
    gets to understand their games....
    Regardless of what cloak or disguise they put on, they remain the same!
    Criminals, rogues, thieves, rapist, it is the nature of these beings!

    Know this of these people, what must be done to change things.
    The answer to this question is very simple.

    YOU MUST DISCARD their indoctrination and their conceptionalizations.
    Beginning with the falsehood which they claim to be something called religions and the chief who it is claimed is the author called god.
    An individual without any other name.

    This individual is accused of being the founder of life and everything.
    An individual who had no father and no mother, but allegedly created itself.
    Came from nowhere, and made things out of nothing.
    An individual who had no father and no mother; no sister and no brother, and his own personal gender is still uncertain. It is just a thing called god.

    by realizing that when you are being taught anything, and there is never any probable details by which you can fully analyze and examine what is being said, you will not achieve knowledge, only a belief and a faith in brain-washing!

    Thus, you must never believe anything offered you by a criminal, a thug, rogue, liar and global raper!

    by those who imprison your mind and body in anything, cause if you do, you will be in violation of everything that is healthy and wholesome.
    Everything that belong to those who remain sane beings because in the realms of doctrines, religions, theologies, psychologies, and psychiatrics and so-called psychoanalyst you will eventually discover that this is the liars exclusive territory and domains.

    As we speak now, they are creating new bibles, writing new scriptures, forging new schemes; coming up with new innovative plots and plans through which to hold the consciousness of prisoners because it is through these mechanisms and apparatuses they imprisons countless Nations.

    Your children as your own off-springs.
    You much teach them about you, about your husband, your culture, about how you build Nations, Empires and Nations.
    Which will become our birth right!
    You must enlighten them, make them understand that wherever it is that you, your husband, your bothers and sisters, your fathers and mothers, their uncles and cousins, their cousins create - will become their inheritance,
    and their inheritance you must make them understand that each individual must belong to something much larger, much more powerful, more important than their individual selves, which is something called Family!

    Make them understand that Family is a Government!
    That is something referred to as a House, or a Kingdom, or a Country, or a Nation, or a Territory that it will mean the same thing.
    That when on belongs to a Family, a Government, a Nation, a Kingdom, or House they can look to every member, comprising the same, for health, for love and affection, for food shelter and clothing, education and enlightenment, defense and protection, wealth and riches, opportunities, fellowship and communities.

    That one must conduct themselves under laws that are created and provides guidelines for their behavior.

    That with these things, one is able to live with honor. With dignity,with an intensely high self-esteem. One is able to look at his members with extreme respect because one is self-respected!

    Self-respect is having a deep and permanent sense of self-worth, purpose and meaning. A sense of belonging. Knowing that one see him or her, in the same light of recognition and appreciation. These things must be explained in their teachings.

    Thus, My Past Is My Future.
    My Past Is My Path.
    My Futue Is My Path.
    For me, instead of me seeking to achieve my mission,
    I cannot go forward.
    I must go back!

    The reason being in MY Past ~ there are:
    Empires, Nations, Kingdoms, Civilizations, Cultures, Languages, Primitivity, Firstness, Freshness, Life in every beginning stages, Simplicity, Honesty, Integrity, Clean Water, Running Streams, Unpolluted Lakes, Rivers and Oceans, Seas Filled with Life Abundant, Bird, Forest, countless Trees, Herbs, things with which we healed our broken bodies!

    That soothed our Inner Beings.
    No doctrines or religions.
    No gods. Just women, men and children ~ B ing!

    One driven by the forces of hunger.
    One by curiosities.

    Seeking to strike a balance between themselves, respectively, within The Laws of Nature.

    We Use To know These Things....
    Now all we have are fools and liars....
    being driven by forces of death and greed....
    Trying to prove things that have already been proven for hundreds and millions of years
    outlawed and condemned.

    So again, my traveling is back into my past
    to rediscover my beginning
    to understand ~ Overstand
    the kidnappers ....
    TRIED to make me forget whatever happened!







    Enen a Neter .... I submit to Neter/God
    Ita en Kheperaungkh .... Who comes as/in many forms of life
    Anetch Hra-K .... I give power to YOU
    Atif Mut Neter .... Father Mother Supreme Being

    Beggars R Not Builders, Builders R Not Beggars!
    Make Your Foot The Foot That Counts

    IAM Duborah Oya Bakr,
    Daughter, Sista, Queen, Priestess, Warrior-Woman, Wife, Widow, Mut/Mother, Elder, Lover, Companion, Friend...
    Keeper of The Essence of The House of The Chameleon
    Always loving.... BABA ABU-RA BAKR,
    Senior Egun-Gun Priest
    The House of The Chameleon

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