Black Poetry : My First Solid Investment + My Own Reconnection=?

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    "My Edocherokeeian Empire...from coast to coast. Forget the trail of tears in a sadden's the trail of real blood sweat and cheers now....immah true evolutionary racist who has nothing to do with color nor a revolution...just a race to my own finish line better than my last times like my Ancestors taught me to do and how to grow. Forget capitalism...i rather use tourism."

    I got my bottled drink of superior tea
    in motion
    my own delivery business
    in motion
    after about 4 failed ventures
    do to being hasty
    without much knowledge on the markets
    since everybody basically drink tea
    and the ever new service is basic delivery
    i been doing this for the past year and half
    getting my results from casual conversations
    they were really surveys
    used my charm and brain
    recorded stats and paid attention
    i got no television
    except my own two eyes
    stayed away from cliques
    i represented myself per written and unwritten script
    put on my own clothes
    plus somebody else brand sometimes
    meaning i am working on completely wearing my own clothing line
    from the socks to underwear and all
    i had to be rocked and roll into a slow crawl
    walking and running
    learning how to stop
    sidestep and pivot
    flip bounce pause to witness
    never tell
    do remember when cooking up your own recipe
    called never fail
    you a hater in the mirror
    called my past times
    they shattered
    into pieces
    what you talking about?
    is the exact index of wasteful time called a gossiper's thesis (echoing)
    my mindset be on more horses
    instead of a car full of luxury vehicles
    i rather go the auction each month with the same master mechanic
    to secure a 4 cylinder vehicle
    hybrid or straight gas
    better have electric with good transmission
    although first buy me a gas station first
    with one or two bays
    supplying only the finest mindsets a new level of wholistic experience
    off the ledge i go
    equipped with no alcohol or cigarettes
    just smoothie and slush shop
    plus a soup and sandwich side
    all simple to be exact
    bring back the service of pumping your gas too in fact
    you get the picture
    only memberships
    meaning members only
    create my own credit bureau
    wait a minute
    what am i thinking about starting my own CRA
    to include Option and Reserve Exchange
    and own Bank
    plus own K-12 13 School University
    plus whatever and however
    cause the divide and conquer my lineages ain't happening
    being solo is the best for me
    Cherokee what you think?
    I'm down with the West Coast of you
    Edo what you think?
    I'm down with the Territory of you
    you learn your language
    and you learn your language
    we learn other traders' language
    we get the transportation solid
    create connections
    play by the rules legally
    and outlaw with extreme artistic measures
    who your fine arts like?
    and what your performing arts do?
    and where your literary arts birthed visual arts into?
    and how many people do your culinary arts feed per year (not including return customers)?
    and finally which art kicks real tales the most: healing or martial?
    hold up...why should they be combined to be the most effective for all who need both physically mentally emotionally soulfully spiritually?
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