Black Short Stories : My Final Good-Bye

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    Let me apologize in advance, I dont know if I've exceeded my limit for posting as much as I did today.

    This was a story that I started working on back in '04. I dont know that its any better today or if it even flows right. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Reese and Savannah met in college. They attend John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Savannah and Reese are both freshmen majoring in Criminal Law. They get to know each other through some courses they’ve taken together.
    Reese was trying to pay attention in his Anthropology class, but he was momentarily distracted. He tapped the student next to him and asked her “What’s your name?” He hated speaking to people with out knowing how to properly address them. She replies “Savannah.” He rips a piece of paper from his book and writes, “I missed the last class. Can I borrow your notes? Would you mind coming to the bar with me after class?” Savannah reads the paper and thinks it’s kind of early to go to the bar. It was only 3:20pm. She whispers in his ear saying “Sure, no problem.” Fourty minutes later class was over. They gathered their belongings and headed for the bar.
    When Savannah and Reese had arrived at the bar, it was practically empty. She chose a table in the back where it was quiet. Once they were settled in, Reese asked Savannah “What are you drinking?” “Vodka on the rocks”, she answered. “Good answer, that’s my favorite also. A lady who knows how to hold her liquor, I like that” responds Reese. He goes to the bartender and retrieves their drinks. Once he returns, Savannah wasted no time asking questions. She was the curious type. “So, why’d you miss class?” asked Savannah. Reese smiles, remembering last night. “I’m sort of involved with this girl. She took forever to get ready, consequently I missed class” he replied. “Oh, so you’re one of those who don’t like to be fully committed?” asked Savannah. “That’s not true, I just haven’t found anyone I seriously want to be with” Reese defensively replied. She sure did have a lot of questions he thought to himself. It was time to get down to business. Savannah brought him up to speed. When they were finally finished, an hour had already passed. Reese suggested they exchange numbers. Savannah agreed. They walked out the bar together, then went their separate ways.
    Reese and Savannah’s friendship grew quickly. They started talking on the phone a lot and then they progressed to hanging out with each other. Their friendship was based on their common interest in law. They also found out they shared other similar interest.
    Its 6:20pm, Wednesday night when Savannah’s phone rings. She’s not expecting any calls and leisurely walks to the phone. It was Reese. She tells him to hold on, thinking their conversation is related to class. Savannah retrieves the phone. From the other end Reese says “Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with class. Actually, I was wondering if we could meet for a bit? I kind of need someone to vent to.” She laughs and says, “What’s up?” He replies, “We’ll discuss that soon.” Savannah is game and tells him “Give me half an hour. Where are we meeting?” Reese thinks for a minute then asked “Is it cool if I pick you up from your place?” Savannah gave him her address and they hung up. Reese arrives twenty-five minutes later at Savannah’s.
    They go to a Starbucks a couple of blocks from her place. Savannah offers to buy him a snack. They order their food and jump right into conversation. While savoring her coffee, Savannah asked, “So what’s up?” Reese took another bite from his Peanut Butter cookie and started talking. “You remember that girl I briefly mentioned?” Savannah said “Yea” knowing exactly where this was going. “Well she’s tripping” Reese answered. Reese didn’t know why he chose to tell her his business. Savannah was so easy to talk to, so why not? Savannah wanted details and good ones too. She started with her rapid-fire questions. “What happened?, What she’d do?, What’d you do?” Reese smiled, noticing how inquisitive she is for the first time. “If you’d slow your roll, I’d tell you, Sav!” Wait a minute, did he just give me a nick name?! Reese begins speaking. “She found an old picture of a childhood friend and she also found your number. I told her it was nothing to worry about, but she didn’t believe me.” Savannah shakes her head, responding, “I guess she’s the jealous type?” “Yup, jealous enough for the both of us” replies Reese. They continued talking and Savannah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. ‘ Women can be so insecure sometimes’, she thought to herself. Reese looked a little less stressed once they left Starbucks. They gave each other a hug and said their ‘Good nights.’
    Similar conversations continued to occur between them. Savannah enjoyed these special talks they shared. It helped them to get to know each other on a more intimate level. Savannah knew she was headed for trouble. It would only be a matter of time before she’d catch feelings for Reese. She noticed that Reese liked her too. He would say and do certain things that would confirm her suspicions. For example, they’d go to the movies and he’d treat her like his girlfriend. He was always being ‘touchy-feely’ with her.
    Savannah continued to be his shoulder to cry on. She quickly got tired of hearing about all his girl problems. She wanted to know what was up between her and Rere (her nickname for him). She tried talking to him on one occasion. After their conversation, Reese’s emotions towards her were still not clear.
    One night they had went to the Nuyorican Café located in the Lower East Side. They both loved poetry. For them, it was all about consciously elevating your mind to the ills of society. One of Nuyorican’s regular poets had just finished spitting an emotional poem about feelings being revealed half assed. Those words hit too close to home for what was going on in Savannah’s heart and mind. Reese glanced at Sav, noticing that she hadn’t been acting normal since they arrived at the café. Savannah knew she had to talk to Reese tonight, no matter what.
    They leave the café. When they get outside, it was heavily raining. The weather only added to what Savannah was already feeling. She tells Reese they need to talk. They walk in silence for a couple of blocks. The streets are deserted. The whole world stops, as if to witness the interaction between Savannah and Reese. She can’t take this any longer and explodes…

    “So tell me how you feel.” He’s just looking at me like he doesn’t know what to say. Then I start to get upset and really mad, and curse him out “You know every [email protected] feeling I have for you, but you can’t tell me sh**. Why is it so fu*%in hard for you to tell me how u feel?”
    “Come on, tell me how you felt from the first day u met me!!!!” He still hasn’t said anything and I start to lose control… I say while I’m crying and yelling at the top of my lungs “This is it, this is my final goodbye…speak now or forever hold your sorrow!!” I’m looking at him, tears rolling down my face.
    He’s giving me this look like one of Brandy’s songs “I don’t know what to say and I don’t know where to start.” I walk away highly upset; I slowly begin to lose it. I feel him staring at me while I walk away crying.
    Somehow I tap into his thoughts. He’s thinking, “****, how could I do that to her, I know she really loves me, but I can’t bring myself to say it…that I wanted to get with her since day one. I wished she never messed with all those other guys… I was supposed to be the one loving her and giving her pleasure at night.”

    I blew him a kiss and walked away…

    **** Reese, why are you being such a punk? Go get her, you know you’re the reason why she’s hurting and her heart is broken. Look how slow she’s walking; she wants to be chased after. **** it, how many times do I have to tell you, this is whom your heart loves? Stop wreaking all this blasted havoc, its really unnecessary. That was Reese’s better ½ talking, the ½ that he never listened to…also known as his ego. Why he never listened, we’ll never know.
    His pride got the best of him and let the only love of his life slip away. She was the star to his moon, his other ½. Reese sabotaged it all because he wasn’t ready to let someone in completely. Obviously someone else was in control of his body. This was the most asinine reason, if there ever was one. What kind of idiot would do that? True enough, Reese emulated these same actions.

    Was Reese emotionally too young to know what he had? Or was he a complete imbecile who never deserves a second chance at finding his true other half?

    Reese continued to act in this manner and received nothing but bad news. He went through women like guys go through boxers, twice a day. He was always searching for that special lady who would fill the enormous void in his heart. There were countless women in his past, but none of them possessed that package he was so desperately looking for. He was now 26. He often asked himself ‘How the hell did I end up here?’
    The past two years hadn’t been good to Reese. Ever since Reese and Sav had that falling out, his whole personality changed.
    It started slow, than gradually began to escalate. All the personality traits he had while he was acquainted with Savannah lost their luster. Reese was no longer ambitious, he gave up quickly, and he lost hope. He was very smart; he just lost his passion for everything that was once important to him. What changed him?
    Reese had completed two years of college. He immediately began his search for employment. He mostly looked for law firms or non-profit organizations that advocated for causes he believed in. During his search, he found a few firms that he might be interested in working for. In all of the firms, something seemed amiss and he continued to look. Finally he found a non-profit organization that piqued his interest. The organization was dedicated to teaching how the criminal justice system operated to minority youths (mainly African-Americans, Hispanics, West Indians, etc.).
    IYS (Informing Youth for Survival) had hired Reese after going through several interviews. The company liked Reese and thought he’d be able to contribute to their cause. Reese was to start the following Wednesday at 8am sharp.
    Tuesday night Reese tried to relax by watching movies. He also decided to go to bed early. He wanted to be fresh and relaxed for his first day at work. While watching his last movie, Reese became overly excited. He was thinking ‘I can finally pass my knowledge of the law to people who need to understand it.’ The thought of showing off all the information he retained also excited him. Reese went to bed happy.
    Reese got in after 7pm on Wednesday night. Finally, his workday was over and he could relax. Today had been an extremely long day for him. At work his boss had shown him around and introduced him to the other employees. His boss also gave him plenty of background information on the company. After the tour and completely understanding IYS’s mission, Reese was overwhelmed. He was ready to call it a day and regroup.
    Reese was happy at IYS for a while. The job was challenging for him and he was helping people at the same time. He got frustrated little by little. At first the other employees assumed he knew little about the law. Then the incidents started to escalate. He wasn’t given credit when it was due, he wasn’t considered for promotions (it was crystal clear he knew his job and he was doing other employers job as well), he wasn’t taken seriously when he expressed his ideas to improve the company, etc. The salary wasn’t all that great either. The money Reese brought home was enough to live on, but he didn’t just want to ‘get by.’ He came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth all the stress. Reese just wasn’t appreciated, that’s what it all boiled down to.
    Reese felt bad about his decision, but he had to survive also. All minorities were in need of this information… that much was obvious. They would more than likely run into problems with the law. When this occurred, they need to be prepared. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be Reese. What maddened Reese the most was how a drug dealer could make more than an average person working a 9-5.
    “Reesey baby, you ready to go out for dinner?” that was my annoying a** girl talking in her normal high pitched nagging voice. ****, a brother can’t even get a moment to think around here sometimes! “Yea, I’m ready whenever you are Mia,” my voice full of feigned enthusiasm. Who knew where we were going tonight? Mia has the tendency to pick expensive restaurants.
    They arrived at Carmine’s, one of the hottest spots for Italian food in the city. As soon as Mia and Reese walked in, he knew this was going to be a long night. Finally they were seated after waiting about twenty minutes for a table. Reese was deciding what to eat when Mia says, “Reese, you want to order for me baby?” He gave her a disgusted look. He hated women who wanted her man’s every opinion on the most simplistic decisions. He wanted to yell, “ God gave you a brain. The least you could do is act like you know how to use it.” Trying not to make a scene and relax himself at the same time, Reese looks out the window.
    A couple of tables back, a woman is having a late business dinner with one of her partners. She looks up from her paper work momentarily, finding it hard to believe that her eyes just happened to land on this fine specimen of a man. Oddly enough, something about his face seems very familiar to her. Electricity shoots through her body and she slightly jumps in her chair. She thinks ‘Wait, it can’t be?’
    Suddenly, Reese feels this overwhelmingly strong presence. He has no idea where it’s coming from. He turns back around and realizes his girl is still there. ‘Couldn’t she have excused herself to the bathroom? That would’ve been a nice surprise’, thought Reese to himself. He makes small talk so Mia doesn’t think he’s being cold and distant. He looks at a picture a couple feet away. Right under the picture he sees the lady with the piercing eyes staring at him. He stares back, while a funny sensation runs through his body. They both feel as if they knew each other in a past life. Its almost like they were transmitting each others information through the intensity of their glares. What the hell was going on here?
    Acting true to her character, Mia becomes irate and makes a fool of herself. “Who the hell are you staring at?” Reese ignores her. Mia becomes angrier and angrier, not noticing or caring that she’s making Reese mad. People were turning their heads wondering what all the commotion was. Reese says in a low angry tone “Are you done being jealous enough for the both of us?” Mia rolls her eyes. “She looks familiar. I wanted a better view.” Mia starts running off at the mouth again. “You’re supposed to be paying attention to me.” After Mia’s second word, all Reese heard was “Blah, blah, blah” he was in full ‘tune-out’ mode. ‘Why am I with her?’ Reese asked himself seriously for the first time in a long time.
    Reese hardly associated with his cousin Tony. They had nothing in common and shared very different perceptions about life. Even at family gatherings they barely spoke two words between them. One day Tony called Reese out of the blue. He invited him to a party he was going to throw in a couple of days. Tony also wanted to talk with Reese because he had a proposition he might be interested in. Reese got the information from Tony. Reese decided he’d go, what could it hurt? Plus it was an opportunity for Reese to see how Tony was doing.
    The party was thrown on a Friday night. Once Reese arrived, the place was crowded and reeked heavily of smoke and weed. People were talking and drinking in the kitchen. Others were dancing in the living room. Usher’s “You Got it Bad” was playing in the background. The song made him think about Savannah. Reese got caught up in the moment until someone interrupted his thoughts. “Is there a reason why you’re grilling me?” said a lady all up in Reese’s face. ‘Great, another ignorant woman’ he thought to himself. I was thinking about someone and my eyes just happened to focus on you, he explained to the woman. Not that he owed the woman an explanation in the first place. She seemed to ease up a little and introduced herself. “I’m Mia. What’s your name?” He replied “Reese.”
    Mia was making small talk with Reese while covertly sizing him up. He knows how to dress, has manners, etc. Mia was thinking to herself ‘Maybe I should talk to him, get to know him better.’ Meanwhile, Reese was doing the exact same thing. Mia is equivalent to what most people would call a ‘Hood Rat.’ This type of person has no shame in their game and doesn’t care if they sound ignorant or not. They also possess some gold digging qualities. Mia was rocking a tight pair of Apple Bottom jeans and a DKNY shirt. Everything about her was a turn off to Reese.
    Tony had been watching Mia and Reese for a while now. Tony was curious to see how Reese would react to Mia’s ghettoness. By the looks of it, Reese wanted to be rescued quickly! Tony walks up to them and says “What’s up man?” addressing Reese. Mia gives him a dirty look that would translate into “Don’t you see we’re talking dumba**?” Tony ignores Mia. “Let me talk to you for a bit in private” says Tony to Reese. They walked off together, leaving Mia standing there looking foolish.
    Tony and Reese went into the backyard of the house to talk. The fresh air was doing wonders for him. The smell of smoke, weed, and liquor was making him nauseous. Tony knew about Reese’s financial situation, he was basically strapped for cash. Tony also knew that Reese rarely asked for help, even if he really needed it. Knowing this, Tony had to approach the subject matter carefully. Tony pitches his idea. “I know a quick way for you to make some money. This is very low key, especially for you.” “I’m listening. What would I be doing exactly?” Tony thought carefully before speaking. “You’d be a runner for me. I saw no reason to play games with you.” Reese only had one question, which he pretty much knew the answer to. Just to be sure Reese asked, “What type of drugs are we dealing with Tony?” Tony answered, “Strictly weed and crack. I’m the only one who takes a chance with X. I don’t want to put my peeps in that kind of predicament.” Tony was silent for a while, allowing Reese some time to let this sink in. Five minutes had passed. Tony said, “So, what do you think?” Reese replied, “I’m not saying no, but I really need to think about this carefully. How much time can you give me to think this over?” Tony smiled, realizing that they had their differences, but this might actually work. Tony answered, “Three to four days. I asked you because I have a lot of customers to take care of, plus I needed someone with legal smarts.” Reese smiled inwardly. I guess that’s supposed to be a compliment coming from Tony. They gave each other a hug. “Lata, fam. Don’t forget to give me a call” said Tony. “Aight” replied Reese. He saw no reason to hang around the party any longer. He left to go back to the quietness of his own apartment.
    Reese had a day left to make his decision. Reese’s basic answer was yes, although the specifics needed to be ironed out. He really needed the money, so he’d try this for a little while. He had no intention of getting arrested! Reese would prefer to work behind the scenes.
    The next day Reese called Tony at 1:45pm. Tony picked up on the third ring. “What’s good?” Reese began speaking “I thought about what you mentioned and my answer is yes. There are a couple of things that need to be discussed.” Reese could hear the excitement in Tony’s voice. “Good. I’m glad to hear that. Specifically, what are you talking about?” “For starters, I’m only carrying small quantities and I’d rather work behind the scenes. We also need to agree on what percentage of the cut I’d get.” Tony chuckles at his remark. “Obviously I would start you off small. I’d have to see how my customers respond to you. As for how much money you’d get, I’ll give you 20% of the cut. If you bring me new clientele, I’ll give you an extra 15% on top of the 20% you’re already getting.” He sensed Reese was crunching numbers. Shortly after, Reese says “That’s cool for now. I might have some ideas lata.” “So then it’s settled. I’ll give you a call next week with instructions for your first run.” By the time Reese and Tony concluded their business it was 3:05pm.
    Reese had no doubts about the decision he made. He knew how to be a business man with a little ‘hood mentality. With some people, you have to stoop down to their level. Which usually meant being straight hood. It was all about finding and then utilizing the right combination.
    Tony was deciding where Reese’s first run should be. He figured he’d send him to diversified hoods to see if Reese had what it takes to be a runner. Tony had two perfect addresses, 2579 Bradhurst Avenue and 8472 St. Nicholas Avenue. Both of these addresses were in the center of drug ridden hoods. With that settled, Tony calls Reese. “What’s good?” Tony greeted Reese. “I’m ok. I’m assuming you’re calling because you need me to make a run?” “Yea. Meet me at my crib in 20 minutes” Tony said.
    Reese arrived at Tony’s 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. He figured that would give them enough time if they needed to discuss any last minute issues. Reese rang Tony’s buzzer. Shortly after Tony opened the door. Once he was inside the apartment, Tony handed him a piece of paper along with a set of keys. Last, but not least, Tony handed him the most important item, the drugs. Tony began explaining the information written on the paper. “Those numbers are the addresses you’ll be going to and their respective code words.” Reese understood. Tony began talking again “When your done, come back here. We’ll cut the money and discuss your first run.” Reese was about to head out when Tony said “One more thing, the customers already know who you are.” Reese nodded.
    Reese pressed the remote control so he could locate the vehicle. When he heard the sound, Reese wasn’t surprised at the make of the car that was parked in front of him. The car was a black 2003 Mercedes SLK with slightly tinted windows. He opened the car door and thought for a minute. It made sense to go to the farthest stop first. There was no point in wasting gas, especially considering how expensive it is these days.

    Copyright 2004
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    It didn't take me long to care about Reese and Savannah. I see the unfortunate path that Reese took, and I take it that the familiar woman at Carmine's was Savannah, and she had become a lawyer. Bottom line is, I'm intrigued and I want more...