Black Poetry : My facts bigger yet the size of a pack of cigarette so folks Smoke and choke on this, want a scoop o


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May 11, 2006
My facts bigger yet the size of a pack of cigarette so folks //
Smoke and choke on this, want a scoop of ice cream and hope //
For a group of nice queens, now this IS BLACK HIP HOP dope //
As can be my plan is to see it in VIRGINIA BEACH so boo you got //
Cute lace in your suitcase, effort is to rap to girls and trap thots //
In worlds of disbelief with a kiss that’s brief, my luck explode like //
A truckload of dynamite it’s fine to write about this so i remain hype //
Like a restaurant charge money for dinner so it’s funny to enter not //
Expecting to pay you wrecking your day, like a city committee stop //
And see cake and reshape the school system so cool wisdom is //
Walking around on school ground, like a bull i ran amuck, gee whiz //
And my plan of luck became a rodeo, there are all type of yuppies //
And like puppies they amuse babies and use crazies to get ahead //
Rejection loud and strong so he plowed on like a horse instead //
Of stopping no doubt time to outline his thoughts and things said //
In the hood remain get goods by plane and be a fly by //
Night guy and get difficult results when I land and try //
Make peace on runway no gunplay exist so why lie //
About this? groups in the middle east fiddle with guns //
To to get peace, sent folks to college with quotes of fun //
And knowledge, voice affection for Mariah Carey now //
In the reference section of the library, try remain somehow //
but a cry of pain slap me on the back while trying rap fact //
Now swaggering and staggering in the hallway crap whack //
This been romantic got me in a panic right now sitting in a Cadillac //
Now out for hamburgers no doubt these **** business mergers //
Got me scratching my head it’s dispatching red tape for The server //
On my computer, this been romantic but now in panic my Titanic //
May sink so in nice words there are icebergs ahead this is antic //
My script renowned but my ship went down in oceans like Atlantic //
Few of my stats clogged had to get a new catalogue clever to //
Flow best and like a letter of protest it get attention and never do //
Harm, with flow i’m able to give a blow to the table and watch //
the dishes fly, wishes for pie pink and fiery i think highly march //
To get a date “HE SAID look boo i’ll give you a standing ovation if you //
Planning a situation that’ll get me and your bodies together boo //
At parties or wherever give you a round of applause as you know //
I’m down with Santa Claus clap and cheer then rap clear we go //
A unique hummer need your cell number we can talk lovy dovy win //
A cake date my love thrown overboard and i’m known to drive //
A ford but i wanna be your baby daddy so i’m in a crazy caddy to dive //
Between your thighs after a kiss that’s where the cream pies exist reach //
To get that it’s a wet stat now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH //
Survive with stats and illusion, arrive at conclusions raw arms outstretched //
Draw a sketch of us together,it all start right here at Walmart not a wretch //
Now you a KOREAN GIRL legit noodles, kit and kaboodles can be feudal //
Without chopsticks and you a hot chick we can get SEOUL JU and Yankee doodle //
Even ships stop when they see that, rap wise and never capsize take trips lips //
Is far into this affair, girl you wet we can use local tissues on social issues find //
Our way to the bedroom boo my head tuned to a CD that’s playing it’s time //
Realize that you have cream pies between your thighs and they’re divine //
And wet it’s time to get a girlfriend boo and you maybe it sound crazy but //
Legit now yogi is nice we can get some bulgogi and rice is gravy in a cup //
Of noodles my rap tight as my appetite increase in size wanna feast on //
Some KOREAN pies and girl you in the sweaty oriental yellow thigh zone //
Panties really be wet down there juce around everywhere wanna kiss your lips //
Twist and flip your pancakes like cooks at IHOPP shook a lot over your hips //
Even ships stop when they see that,rap wise and never capsize take trips //
This butter groove will further improve this affair this technique will wreck //
Street and enhance images during love scrimmages last time i checked” //
“NAW PLAYER you not harming my cake but come with love talk at an //
Alarming rate, to be charming is great it’s all butter hard to duck, plan //
To wash my pantie but you in the act to squash my candies so you handed //
Each girl a love letter in club better to quiet, so you want cake today and //
Your kiss make they way to my lips but no way Hosea am i gonna strip //
You wanna flip my pantie huh? Like this is the waffle house syrup drips //
You in the groove for butter move from one place to another like MAY //
FLOWER truck stay with power and luck want this to be a favorable //
Outcome no doubt you want some, i remain in place panties plain //
Lace, tonight i’m all brain like a light fall of rain and now call a name //
cute in showers see fruit and flowers painted in still life can’t explain //
The beauty
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