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    Hello everyone, I am a black woman of about 35 and am mother of one son. For a long time I have thought of and tried many different business ideas, which never really amounted to generating any real income.

    Here's a little more personal information about me. I am a government employee, a youth service officer. I work with teen boys whom have been in trouble with the law.

    Okay, getting to the point. Back last spring, I decided I wanted to do something else business wise. I started researching all the online website designer sites to see what it would cost me for them to build me a dating site. Oh, I got quotes from several web designers. The largest quote I got was $2500..... down to $500.

    Well I couldn't afford neither one of those quotes. But something inside of me just wouldn't give up on this idea. So I went out to Books-A-Million and other well know book stores and bought books on how to build your own website and did more research on the net to see if I could find a cheaper way out.

    Website designing was all new to me but I finally lucked up on this one good company called WebSiteBuild which have now changed there name to something else. They had all the right tools for me to work with. I was able to build it and keep the site running for about $40 a month, and it is still up and running. I guess you can say, I am learning as I go.

    The site is up and running but I am faced with another mountain now. Drawing people to the site, that has been the hardest obstacle. Advertising is expensive and I have very little advertising dollars. But any way, the site looks like some professional person built it. But it was just little old me in my bedroom on my computer working away.

    I haven't generated any money from the site but plan to keep it going no matter what. And I hope and pray that in due time I can promote it so it will maybe get the recognition of some of the well know online dating sites. Hey, I can think big can't I? Smile!

    If you want to take a look at the site you can. Click link below!

    The database is not that big because of not being able to promote like I would like to.

    I would love to hear from anyone whom that is maintaining a website and is making a profit from. Or on another tip, whom are maintaining a site and am like myself not making any profit yet. Either way I could use some positive encouragement right now.

    I'm glad I found this forum. As black people we need more forums like this one.