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    Beyond my own understanding
    I apologize for posting a whole new thread for a dream interpretation but I do not have much time to search for the thread on Dreams and Astral Travel. I usually interpret my own but this dream I had two nights ago has me stumped. Here it goes; my dream took place at a familiar place, a house and neighborhood I use to live in. At the house, I see my mom and dad outside and there is a moving truck. It seems there were a bunch of stuff being moved inside but I dont actually see that. My parents divorced when I was five but this may not mean anything. I walk down the driveway because the my younger brother's, old friends (kids) begin to run towards the house excited. I quickly tell them to leave. They get upset, make a statement, turn around and walked away. I went inside the house towards my old bedroom and there I find vampires. I can remember one being a black man with fangs and everything. I remember seeing my younger brother laying down it was made known to me that he was bitten. I grabbed my brother and tried to leave the scene and could not at first. I suppose with instinct I began to harmonize or as I call sing like a siren in the myths. Every time I had done this the vampires begin to doze off until finally they fell asleep. Before we escaped, my brother and I, I see a glimpse of the piping and there are these tiny, white microorganisms. I believe I was told that they would help me and then I escaped. Made down to the next street which would lead us out of the neighborhood and was stopped by this black mustang that stopped instantly in front of us. I could see this pink tag on it and the license plate said "Deep Africa". I sensed the car saying hurry, there was no driver. We got in and I got in the drivers seat and started driving. As soon as we left the neighborhood I awoke. Its strange but I cant get it out of my head. What do you think?