Black Poetry : My Dream Team

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    What's up
    i need a
    a female diplomat is eloquentally dangerous
    who can broker communications between two or more parties
    from several counties to a few territories to a few countries
    no need to be in fear when security is around and just in case for drastic measures keep about three vehicles deep you know my thought process is way too deep
    and i need a
    a female lawyer
    who can defend to offend domestically and internationally
    she be that smarter business analyst
    criminally aware
    tort prepared
    all around law expert
    all eyes on her best not choose to not look
    i will pay fruitfully if no one else dare
    i got no competition so there is no need to compare
    and i need a
    an accountant who is sun-blinding brighter radiant
    who is financially conscious of all investment opportunities and ain't afraid to run-up on a piece of real estate that is economically sound most wanted to be and locally influential
    and i need a
    a paralegal that is disciplined with uniqueness to the endless
    who can prepare all legal documents to perfection
    when all is finished she can send them
    to the professional higher intelligent hypnotizing secretary to be notarized organized filed and scheduled
    cause the information technology specialist has the website to be published and backups to be monitored
    accounts created
    others further from around me want toys and the unneccessities
    i am coming realer by being real of who i need to run business tactfully safely wise with youthfulness
    an opportunity is measured with great success per each reached endeavor completed to move on gradually of truer robust esteem
    six is all i need as my cabinet
    i need my dream team....