Black Relationships : My Deepest Sigh Returned Total Surrendered

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    Dear Twin,

    One in total surrender i will protect you all around loving you when we walk under weathers....i will be your search when your eyes open and close across is i your heart i stand unremoved as my love relentless to death pumping my love letters flow beating your heart passionately feel me lively vibrating within your chest cavity....i need BLAQ ROSE, a manse on the land filled with roses and lotuses whose lavender relaxes your senses when i approach static you felt knot touched to be magic...i need you my soul mate for i am totally possessive not of jealousy and envy or control of my best friend the kind of loving you will never want yet in all ways need submit to our destiny plead none nor bargain i demand total surrender...i yearn for you howling in my pack during winters...i go from flower smelling for you to end my search to be us finally is dark so i pierce through fog and thickness with my illusive night light giving my slugs their orders to smell you and my owls they know of you too now...i command your attention indefinitely absolutely mine you will tender for i am everywhere as nibbling and kissing the sounds and feelings of your ultimate wishes across the skies you told me as i shot flew threw brightly your star afar and near our love is mystique and my intention is quite clear my dear i need you sow cometh when summoned of my love spell cause i do not fake i love of no depths as well...i promise nobody will tattle tale tell who? Do not be naive sweetness as you will be mine to love forever without lust as there is nowhere to run neither nowhere to hide now enter my heart seamless close my chest back of treasured pride never feel weak cause you need me as you strongest as true submission totally surrendered.

    Love you steeply,
    Nefertum Husia Shayheh

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