Black Poetry : My Crib

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    Just chilling in my zone and I'm home alone
    got me in the zone
    man it used to be a blast from my past when peeps did rap
    now a days they given me a heart attack
    got these freaks in my sheets on the edge of my peak
    the bounce of the ounce & I take this sucker higher
    blown up in full desire
    when I look in the mirror my face is getting clearer
    sound the alarm cause my smoke got no filter
    it used to mean something when you pray
    today you insist it ought not be that way
    can't even dismiss this earthly bliss with a time well spent in thought
    one of Grandmaster Flash's own gets busted for murder
    is it ain't no wonder we got to much time on our hands
    now I can stand on my own two feet
    while the earth crumbles this is no place no meet & greet
    In my crib you can really rest
    While the crazy world outside is in some kind of test
    I write my raps on a crystal sleeve
    knocking you to your knees as busy as a bee
    on the flip side squeeze
    chewing the tobacco so sound the alarm
    got bones full grown as in a fat blunt
    the chunks a little runt & it smells like a skunk
    in the business of rap you got to go in for the kill
    many sit back and take a chill pill
    let us no for sure what's the deal
    Yeah my crib is a second heaven
    not a one stop shopping event at your local seven eleven
    hit me with fat beats that jump
    got junk in my trunk smoking fat blunts
    take a walk with me through the passage of time
    hero's can be so fake & blind
    now I'm done with this rhyme & that's fine