Black Poetry : My corrupt fate is not up-to-date twisted at the club and assisted by love see a girl wanna kiss it


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May 11, 2006
My corrupt fate
is not up-to-date
twisted at the club
and assisted by love
see a girl wanna kiss it and hug
she got cream and fine
must fix the scene in my mind
if in the car fasten her seat belt
as the heat almost melt
her panties may need some help
after I get her tongue
she's wet but I'm sprung
all the car doors close
thing really soar after a rose
a white flash of lightning
tonight to smash is exciting
I talk trash but its igniting
toss a flow
and like a crossbow
shot by CUPID
some hot stupid
love up in here
heard from the skies
it's bird cries
eagle tunes
and then lethal fumes
will see beagles soon
that's the dog in you boo
it's night no doubt sparks flew
and boo we in the dark too”
“NAW PLAYER my lips brown
and my hips round
and boys take trips downtown
their love script can't frown
at that, love talk hear the sound
may have a trade mission to MEXICO
parade around with visions of sex oh no
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH it rip shop
from the bottom step of the stairs
need help with affairs love in the airs
my thing is damp as boys beg
but I got a cramp in my leg
oh a brown Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH a crew of hot
boys try get some, have to pushy them
away, on the block with lace and moods
a shock to face some hostile attitudes
the way it is with dread lock roster dudes
then I survived
when I arrived
my ears heard jive
“LOOK BOO so far
we go to the bar
but I have a wicked desire
on how many tickets it require
to see a groovy movie?
your poking breasts are booby
traps, to catch boys off guard
sometimes the nipples soft and hard
oh lord you have to duck
to avoid a true suck
could wind up
in bed fast and luck
has it that way my truck”
NAW PLAYER I flirt squashing minds
but my skirt need washing this time
so I'm in the hood and hook
would look at a good book
which is a necessity
like my breasts be
boy kiss my lips test me
oh my panties be so wet
and they go get
flowers for me to sniff
after hours they try lift
my skirt stop! They mind drift
a fun crazy type passion
in an unladylike fashion
my thing wet hype sea rations
REMEMBER I was wit this boy
in November really a brisk toy
how dare he be
so carefree
and want a cake date
its all pudding on the take
wit my panties wet like this
and he get to kiss my crisp
lips, watched being brown and real
boys seeing marched around a field
one boy done a boss strode
across the road
just to blow a kiss at my lips
and of course I duck because naw
the kiss would've struck me on the jaw
the kiss would've struck me on the jaw
to inspire the population
may require an operation
you chase girls through the city
joking with my fate just to be witty
if I open the gate you'll be stroking cake
you juggle apples
and struggle with snapples
if not a cold drink can't win
“ WELL ONE day me and my boyfriend
end up in front of CHRIS PAUL
crib it was a good brisk walk
so really we jest kiss and talk
it was bizarre to survive that day
the car in the driveway wrecked hey!
a flagrant agent from STATE FARM was starting
to explain, his words deep and hot then this cheap bot
walks up it became a hectic freak spot
with words he took a cheap shot
at the human flagrant agent we peeped a lot
frantic with worry
in a romantic hurry
shoot threes on the planet like Curry
now the flagrant agent says these
cheap bots so old fashion
have no bold compassion
they can't replace us
it's a disgrace to trust
these cheap bots are a bust
the cheap bot just cried
he shed tears emotions multiplied
cried his eyes out and tried
no way STATE FARM is departing this
wow me and my boyfriend left there
but before that a deft stare
but before that we done a deft stare
my boyfriend want wine and some
my mind was numb”
“ONE TIME a boy gazed at me
enjoyed amazed to see
in a affair fine but whack
it was like an hairline crack
ready to split open
if between my thighs git to stroking
so my legs close
even though he pledge a rose
boys go to the club try be hard
but must show and ID card
so we here to enjoy to the end
and I be with my boyfriend
one boy look at me whirl butt
and say girl what up?
Where you man at?
I strut butt he couldn't stand that
looking for a chick
he could be hooking up with quick
I'm hot a little bit
but evidently I'm not it
so really boys plot to git
some, this is BLACK HIP HOP
flavor where it's needed
major boys stampeded
to try rap
they want pie asap
look at my body and dream
be wanting to party extreme
one absurd clown
let the word get around
that I was a easy pound
of meat, but that sound
weak, it's strongly by tradition
is that your only ambition
is to survive as a clown
and drive around
in a sports car in town


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