Black Poetry : My Coffee Extreme


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Mar 19, 2001
Will you be my Coffee extreme?
Can I sip you? Coat my insides
what comprises you ... "yes, please
a little cream will do"
Maxwell House will just tease me
but let's play Maxwell to baseline
our addiction to playing house/you
can be the mother of screams
I'll be the proud father of
actions referent for your dreams...
"yes, a little sugar please"
Can I be a little more demanding?
"Give me some sugar!" subdue
me with your brown sugar / sugar
kiss me 'til I diabetically convulse
in slow motion / your hocus pocus
magic potion has me calling you
the great Houdini but I don't want
to escape you / but be married to
the tears I've wept because of you
Will you be my Coffee extreme?
Can I suck the Coffee beans of your
bodily tree / taste you undiluted
a straight to the vein coat my brains
membranes in You-paccino and be
strung out on your black eXtasy /
Will you...Can You...Won't you...
be my Coffee extreme?

(c)2001 blakverb


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