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    The scent of Jasmine danced around in my head.
    Clouds floating in mid air, rising, falling, just everywhere.
    Steamy, misty, faint, thick, covering this, covering that.
    Drips and drops of oil glistening here glistening there.
    Soothing, not warm, not hot, temperature not on any thermostat.
    Tiptoeing in, nice and easy my time to just relax.
    Before I knew it my whole body was immersed, my head tilted back.
    My mind was all clear it had no choice but to begin to wander.
    A gentle rub here, a firm squeeze, a tickle all at one time.
    Paralyzed I couldn’t move, my eyes wouldn’t open, they only fluttered.
    My mind stronger than ever, on lock, no fighting my body was too weak.
    Fingers sliding up and down my body, one by one with it’s own unique touch.
    Stopping here and stopping there not leaving one spot out.
    Caressing, massaging, nibbling, biting so gentle I don’t even say ouch.
    Rubbing turned into strokes long, short some even penetrating.
    I started to hear myself moan I called out your name, loud and clear.
    I opened my eyes for a brief moment and saw your face, felt your lips touch mine.
    Traces of your kisses, all over me, waves of water couldn’t wash them away.
    My body was screaming, with never before felt pleasure, parts were on fire.
    Immersed in water flames, were sparking up everywhere.
    My eyes closed, your hands started to roam and then they disappeared.
    My breathing was getting shorter and I started to feel pressure.
    Slow, steady easy, hard, more and more pressure but no weight.
    Something inside of me started to flutter, bubbles started to dissipate
    I called your name, this time I heard you call mine, I reached for your hand to grab mine.
    My soul was full of you; you were so deep inside of me, all of you, inside all of me.
    So sweet, so gentle, so satisfying, so giving, so unselfish, all for me.
    Penetration, thrust, energy added fuel to the fire, a nice and steady flow.
    You filled me up, took it all away over and over again, always careful not too much.
    Right there so close, so good, right there, I whispered to you, “I like it right there.”
    My heart started racing, the beat getting stronger, yours started to fade.
    You whispered in my ear, “hold on tight, I want to take you there.”
    My arms around you so tight, there was no beginning to you no ending to me.
    My body was soaking wet, with sweat, passion, and love, immersed in water.
    More pressure, no weight, more pressure, no pain, more pressure, more and more, pleasure.
    My body started to shake; the water started to ripple. before long a whirlpool in motion.
    Every nerve in my body connected, I screamed out your name so soft over and over.
    “Not too much! ” I shouted, in the softest whisper, mixed with whimpers and moans.
    I opened my eyes, you were gone, you had caused my very first self-induced explosion.
    Right there, right there, right there
    In the middle of my
    Bubble Bath
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    i see them bubbles poppin ......nice flow from da bath
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    Welcome to Destee

    This flow captures the reader. :blob fire:
    I enjoyed every :spinstar: sensuous :spinstar: moment.
    It's time for another bubble bath.:jump: