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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
My dear brothers we share a bond that is like no other
And it goes beyond the connection of a shared mother
For what is between us is a special kind of closeness
For in you I can see the means of my completeness

So my brother if the need ever arises I’ll carry you
For I definitely need you to help me make it through
I won’t ever look down on you except to pick you up
For without you near I am like a half empty/full cup

For we are strong men with our own variations
Our strengths cover each others imperfections
So I’ll always lead each of your support teams
For ya’ll keep me standing on life’s balance beam

If you were to journey into the inner dimensions of me
A desire to be what Martin dreamed is what’d you see
For I believe that we are more than capable of the best
For we have each other to support us through any test

If need be I’ll pull you up by your bootstraps like Booker
For my desire is that we all be more than a mere onlooker
For us to be part of the talent tenth Dubois spoke about
And through faith we’ll be there someday without a doubt

My brother the responsibility of us resides heavily upon me
And no matter what comes we're going to make it, you'll see


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