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Jun 22, 2001
Tha Derby City
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hey folks... i've been strugglin with this ***** known to most as writer's block... it's really kickin my ***... so as a writing exercise, i had my niece write down a few common objects on a few slips of paper... we put em in a hat, she drew blind, and i wrote about it... this is the result:

"my blues"

i ain’t never known a man
that could hold me
better than my blues...

my blues
hug me like
a second skin
breathin me
a second wind
cradlin broad cinnamon hips and
protectin edible chocolate thighs
from reflectin rovin eyes
talkin’ bout

“look, brotha
but don’t touch...”

my blues
fit me just fine
and warm me like
the gloved hand
of the Sahara...
with my hands on my hips i
past the nile
and wink as it waves
to the sway of my back
and i
past Egypt’s sphinx
and smile as it shields it eyes
cause my blues
are just too bright

i step carefully
so my blues don’t fade...



step and

into a room
and let my blues
take control
let my backbone slip
with my hand ‘pon my hips
and dive into the
oohhs and aaahhs
that surround
the air around
my aboundin blues
as they
tighten their grip
on my exterior
and smooth and stroke
my interior
as i run my hand
‘cross my posterior
with you watchin me
lettin your eyes
accent my low-cut
tye-dyed blues...


look, brotha
but don’t touch...

the object in question: my favorite jeans :)
be easy yall... peace...

Looks to me like that wall came down .... and the writer's block that you had -- has crumbled! This piece is very well scribed... I'm lovin' the idea behind it...

Whateva was blockin' you B4 -- please send it my way so that when my walls come tumblin' down -- my **** will be as explosive as this piece is!

Well written thought!

One Luv.
writer's block

you just thinking to hard

if you got writer's block
then i'm a chinese lady living in Wyoming

when you get some more of that block
hit us with some more of your God given talents please



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