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    Welcome to "MOCHA Urban Hang Suite", your online magazine about culture, nightlife, Africana history and local events. Our team of journalists is in action all around the cities of San Antonio and Houston, TX to bring you all the most thought...

    The FX Television Network and MOCHA Urban Hang Suite have come together to bring you a poetry extravaganza like never before. We are hosting a poetry slam for the promotion of Jamie Foxx's new television movie "Redemption." The event will be Friday March 5th at Omni Central off Scott near downtown (Houston). The winner of this "Slam" will win $500 and a chance to win an additional $1000 if chosen as the top poet from among the other 9 cities participating. You will win a trip to Los Angeles to see the premier and chill with Jamie Foxx.

    Our competition is a search for one who can write and deliver the best poem about the word “redemption” relative to their life experience and/or African American’s historical experience in America. We only have 15 spots for the competition. We will randomly select poets who have entered, to participate in the competition. If you want to participate in the competition, simply send us your Name, Email Address, Stage Name, & Phone Number(s) in which you can be reached to [email protected]. Entries will be accepted until Feb. 10th at Midnight. We will choose our competitors on Feb 15th.

    This event will be an experience not to miss. Make sure you forward this information to people who might want to participate. A summary of the event is below.

    The nine (9) regional winners get $500 cash each & prizes (provided by FX and Vibe sponsors).
    The grand prize winner receiving a trip to the Los Angeles premier of Redemption, $1,000 cash and prizes.
    All ten (10) winners will have their poems read on radio.
    All ten (10) winners will have their photos in Vibe Magazine.