Black Poetry : My Black Rose..... ((New Kid))


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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
thank you and Well....Come!

Doryea said:
My Black Rose

No one knows I got this black rose in my heart
But I'm trying to change while stepping forward with a lonely start

There's so much pain behind this scarred emotionless face
Hidden deep inside dark gruesome shadows of my inner being
I pause........ and I think...
Why am I so angry? How can i be so cold?....I...I..had her...
And the deeper I think the more tears start to seep behind this emotionless face
Never to show physically but yet internally destroying me
If only someone can redeem me from this torture and give me life
Igniting the spark inside, letting me breathe the freshest air again
I just want..... I just need to feel the way i used to but I cant
I feel chained with the things I do and the things I say
Creating this beast detained deep within the soul of a man
If only I could cry behind this emotionless face things would seem so clearer
So I try.... and I close my eyes but nothing
The pain and sorrow resides still in the control of this beast
What should I do?... What do I have to fix?
So many questions overflow in my mind leaving me perplexed and twisted
I don't even know where to begin, I'm so unsure nowadays
Inside I'm trying to tie knots and maybe... eventually fuse connections
But the pieces don't fit
I'm dealing with the wrong puzzle at the wrong destination
Yet... in time it seems like I'm moving backwards while stepping forward
And it's strange because I never thought defeating the past would be so hard
But as the days grow shorter my nights become more restless
Only to hate what I see in my dreams
Torn in between my reality and subconscious I see destiny
Will I ever be able to reach?
Or will the beast consume me and I live this life of internal torture?
They don't know what it feels like, they all say I'm strong but inside I painfully weep
While I sit, hands holding my head thinking bout my life
I close my eyes and a tear forms, falling down the left side of my cheek
I cry.....
I just cry...

No one knows I got this black rose in my heart
But I'm trying to change while stepping forward with a lonely start

Let's see...just a couple things I'd like you
to BE ...aware of from M.E.

1. Welcome to the forum called
2. Thank You for sharing apart of thee which is a RE~flection of me...for in so DO~ing you have supported OUR Unity
3. Let them flow, let them flow, let them they provide you the water for which to grow....and just so you all know....I'm referring to the WORD, Sound and Power inherent in every Black Rose...
4. I have a sneaky suspicion you ain't a "new kid" at your Ancient-cy has been RE~vealed with this glorious out to US all...sharing....caring ...and daring

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