Black Poetry : My Best Friend

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    Will you be my best friend
    So we can feel a love no one else can come close to
    So I can do all of the things I need to do
    So you can care about me the way I care about you

    Will you be my best friend
    Because you're supposedly the best
    Because you know me and you know how to do the rest
    Because you have passed every single test

    Will you be my best friend
    And tell me you'll be around all the time
    And tell me that you'll always be mine
    And tell me that I'm the definition of 'fine'

    Will you be my best friend
    Look at me with those beautiful eyes
    Hold me tight and let me realize
    That when I'm with you, I won't be told any lies

    Will you be my best friend
    Coming over late at night
    You and me chillin on the porch cuz it's alright
    Bring it here -- I'll give you a light

    Will you be my best friend
    I don't really care what they say
    You're funny and sexy and I love you that way
    That's what I find myself thinking each and every day

    Will you be my best friend
    Give me all that I want and more
    Take the key and open my door
    Show me the love you've got in store

    Will you be my best friend
    Please be my best friend
    Baby, this poem could never end
    My love is all I intend

    Will you be my best friend?
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    There's no way he can say no
    to a bestfriend of love that's so
    this piece read wit depth and heart !