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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
How could I be so blind

How could I

Like a horse being led to water with blinders on

blinders on

My eyes only saw what they seen

I wanted to believe this was it

You were it

You said all the right things

Said all the right things

Made me once again love again

Love again

Big eyes open wide shut

Wide shut

I couldn't see you for what you are

Signs were there in Neon lights

But still I ignored

I just didn't and couldn't believe you were a wolf in sheep clothing

The way you smiled at me

Your so call attentive nature

was a lie

A lie

and now I'm stuck with these mixed up feelings over you



I had given you more than I had given anyone else

You like a bloodhound sniffed out Good Nature

and you ran with it

Ran with it

Now for my blindness even tho' God was showing me you

I chose to do things my way

My way

and my way has gotten me

Homeless, no jobs, and a sense of failure

All because I chose to remain blind to whom you really are

I have noone to blame but myself

Myself, all by myself

All by myself

As the tears of shame rains down upon my face

I see the look of hopelessness on yours

Your hopeless, and I quilty

Your honor throw away the key

For I am quilty for loving a man that was not right for me

once again

Once again

Once again

Forgive me my little ladies for Mama never meant to bring you down

But she only wanted us to come up

Come up

Come up

I must regroup

I must get away

I must leave behind this man who is and will always be


copyright 2008


This flow is so touching

Let go of the guilt
You need have none

You gave, it all
You worked with what was put up and said

So if you have no ties,
Open up your eyes and travel to a new place.
Get a new start
Try a new way

Sacrifice for those you love
Your babies

Those you love beyond your blood need to be
Double checked!

True blue can stand the heat

Trust your heart
Don't harden it
Don't change how you share
For the one you really need will see
They will care.

Pretend you’re from Missouri
Make them show they care and are aware of your needs

Break the chain
Take out your scissors
Cut the string and let that balloon go

Users make me sad for they are sad indeed.

It took me a mminute to get to this write. First of all, Hodee, your reply was off the meat rack. I can't think of a better way to tell a woman how to get over someone that's not right for them. It's that simple move on!!! Nevar, my heart goes to you and your children (if this is based on a real story... and somehow I feel it is). You're so beautiful and you seem to be a god-fearing woman, how could this happen? Well, we all should "double-check what we're getting into. Make sure you are compatible on CERTAIN levels including emotionally, spiritually, socially, and not just finacially and physically (which is the trap of the world- good looks and big money)!!! I send my best wishes and I hope you find your knight!


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