Black Poetry : My Addiction…Is there a support group for this? PART II

watzinaname said:
Nah, no support group for this sis, you'll just have to muddle through some how, until you get the hookup....(oh no she didn't)....Tee Hee....Seriously though, the description in this is so intense, capturing the ache of a love so good it hurts. Keep flowing poet, keep flowing.

:donttell:Bad Watz....Bad...Bad...Watz :cool:

just kidding...u know it's cool, not like
we got secrets around here or :gossip: :D

Thanks girl...just trying to get my flow on...

Much luv,

I'm going to have to sit back and skate on this drop right here...SMH. :luvv:
Sister Sage your words are a lovely composed collection of romantic indications flowing above and beyond a mere heartbeat of the ability to touch the essence of what we would all call "LOVE" :luvv:

I just tend to never be un-amazed by the poent and smooth taste of your flows, So I just lift up my cup and say.."More Please" :lips:
sweet torment, passions unfolds to
Create me a memory so deep and so fierce
That you make all my other thoughts become quite scarce.

Masterfully erasing, inhibitions escaping
Penetration, moans escaping
The culmination of our desire
An erotic aroma floats
Through the electric air
The light from 12 candles
Dance in sensual shadows

your words are soft, compelling
and intelligently sensual
a gift from the soul of a real poet
And it does'nt help
That my vibe leaves its impressions
On your vaginal walls
Like i were writing my name
In graffitti.... knowing that its hard to erase
all watched as our love
Draged its footprints across the forums sky
We became morning after dreams,
Waking up drunk on poetry.

a baptism
in the essence of our love
shall empower us
invoking orgasmic verbs
And nouns
Dream me within the chance of your embrace,
within the algorithm of a complex but solvable formula.
...I am your soulmate
and i too am addicted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hookup :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Lord have mercy on my poooo Addicted soul... :luvv:

it's truly the sweetest thing I've ever know... :blowkiss:
shooo....this flow was like putting a big ole Elm Tree
on the fire...def' not a log.... :blush:

...let me check the temperature, / yep, just as a thought
I'm about to spontaneously combust... :devil:
you'll have to cool those flows down for about an hour or so... :look:

Signed Sweet Addiction... :hearts2:


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