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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

The one thing that is Divinely True about Black People, is that we are all on the same boat of our Black Life travel and that all of us can not handle the Divine Truth, and for Black People to indicate that we are all on the same boat and yet we have a problem in being informed that many of us are not qualified to recognize, face, handle, accept the Divine Truth, and the fact that we all are not qualified to accept that Divine Truth, serve as a clear indication that all on the boat that carry us to our life destruction are not of the same quality of Mind, and because of that fact, the boat now sail in disharmony, swaying up and down and side to side, indicating an imbalance in the thoughts of all that is a passenger on the boat that carry Black folks to our Life Destruction.

You know beloved, when you See and Hear and even Look at Black People who make the statement, we all being on the same boat of our Life destruction, and when being criticized for the way we Black Folks are acting and behaving in Life, we object, such a statement is a portrayal of an excuse and to imply that well, we all are on the same boat sailing to our destruction, so we say, how can any one of us be critical of the other that is on the same boat, that is what such a statement is implying.

Well allow me to share this with you about the BOAT OF BLACK FOLKS DESTRUCTION,.

Your see, all Black folks traveling on the boat that is carrying us to our destruction, all do not wear the same Mind and those on that boat with a Divine Mind, meaning that, their thoughts are well organized as opposed to the believing disorganized Mind, the Divine Minds that are traveling on the boat of our Destruction, have a obligation to inform those on the boat about the cause for us being on the boat and what it is going to take from us to bring Harmony, Order, and Balance to the motion of the Boat, an obligation to our First way Ancestors to share the Divine Truth, so that we can be able to change the Boat course which is leading to Black Folks Destruction.

So those believing Minds that are causing the imbalance to the Boat we now are sailing on, they are so wrapped up in their belief, that which is grounded in Lies and deception, until in their belief, it is their savior that is coming at any moment, bursting out from the sky and save you, so, the believer do not want to have the Divine Truth to come and Balance the boat, because if that should happen, the Mind of the believer will be of no value on the Boat that carry us to our destruction.

Why is it when those amongst us Black people come along and appear to be different from the way we have been conditioned to be, and appear to Think instead of believe, there are those Afrikans that cry out when their doctrine of belief is being revealed to be what it actually is, a detriment to the Black Life, which is to keep the boat we all are sailing on, to maintain its course to our Destruction, those believing Minds, in order to serve as a distraction, will cry out, well, we all are on the same boat so no one on the boat should be criticizing the other that is on the boat, not realizing that all Minds on that boat that is sailing us to our destruction, are not all like Minds and those with the Divine Mind on that boat, has a divine duty to warn all passengers on board, that the Boat has been set on a course to sail that lead to Black Folks Destruction and it become those Divine Minds duty to inform ways of how to steady the boat and change its course.

Beloved, we also have those amongst us who insinuate that it is not religious to inform Black People that we have been conditioned to not be able to accept the Divine Truth and those of us that Make such an observation about Black People today, and many of us not being qualified to handle the Divine Truth, such an observation is not based upon the fallacy of belief, but is based upon empirical observation of Black People, meaning the fact of that observation being the attitude and behavior now being displayed by most Black people today, which lead to verify the destruction of Black Folks Civilization, we being victims with the Human Being Mind, a Mind that disqualify Black People from being qualified to know, understand, and recognize the Divine Truth, and the evidence being Black People maintaining our Status Quo in our Life condition and position in the World today, which is deplorable today.

Any Time you are able to See black People always attempting to Box with the Divine Truth and have not trained for such a fight with the Divine Truth, those Afrikans give themselves away, by the material they attempt to use to disqualify the Divine Truth, a Truth that is embedded in Real Time Divine Reality.

To attempt to defend Black people remaining to function in the Mind we now have, is to defend the works of our oppressors, they that wear such Descriptive names as the Devil, Satan, and Lucifer, each expressing a Spirit of destruction of the way of life of Black People, they serving as the captain of the now ship we not sail on, leading Black People to our Life Destruction, that is if we do not challenge the Mutiny that the Afrikan Believers on the Ship is carrying out against the Black Divine Beings that are now on the Ship of our Destruction.

The Believers of the oppressors Religion on the Ship of our Destruction, they are the Mutineers on a Ship that once was the Ship of Divine, smooth sailing through the Calm Sea of Divine Truth and Reality, following a course set by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors, leading us to know what God Is, the Universe and our Black Selves.

So, it is the obligation of those Black Folks who are on that ship that is taking us to our destruction, to stand fast against the Afrikan Believer Mutineers, they that have gained control of the Divine ship of our Divine Truth and Reality, armor needed for the Divine Mind, in order to regain control of the Divine Ship and set sail on our original course, that which lead our Lives to know and Understand both Dimension of our Black Selves, one Physical and the other Metaphysical, meaning all on the Boat that now take us to our Life Destruction, do not and should no longer be a passenger on the ship that they have become the Mutineers, and now spread a Gospel that cause us to be passive while we observe the believers as they commit Mutiny upon the Ship of our Divine Spirituality.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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